"I do like to get back to Kalamazoo once in a while, sure." Getty Images

Forgive us for being Sex and the City fans. Even for a bunch of dudes posting on a magazine website, it's a good show (it's more entertaining than the majority of the recently concluded Spurs vs. Lakers series). We tried to get an interview with Chris Noth for today—mostly because we didn't think Kristin Davis' opinions on who the Knicks should take at No. 6 would be as fleshed out—but he was busy back on the set of Law and Order and couldn't accomodate us. Oh well, we'll talk about him anyway! If you want a sports equivalent to the character of "Mr. Big," it might be the most obvious selection we've ever made: Mr. Derek Jeter. Consider: (a) both live in New York; (b) both have dated a model; (c) both are suave and rich; (d) both have ridiculously nice apartments; (e) landing Sarah Jessica Parker is kinda like landing Jessica Biel (OK, maybe not) and (f) eventually, Big settles down (that's the point of the movie!) But wait, Jeter hasn't settled down…ah ha! Check out the first quote of his recent interview with The New York Post. He's about to find his Carrie! OK, enough about SATC for the day, we think.