"This is how we do... we make a move and act the fool while we up in the club..." Getty Images

Our boss is from Maine and likes the Red Sox. He's a little distressed that Manny Ramirez is headed to La La Land (coolest thing to us about the trade: he's playing for Joe Torre, one of his ultimate rivals for years). It's time to celebrate Manny via Clip Reel.

This is Manny's Multimedia page at MLB.Com. Since MLB has big money invested in their content, this is the best source for Manny game videos (the YouTube stuff is inevitably taken down).
Here's an informative video on what makes Manny such a good hitter.
Amusing: Pros vs. GI Joes featuring Manny.
Manny being Manny!
Nice 'Manny's role in 2004' video.
At the 2007 World Series parade, Manny invited all of Boston back to his house for drinks.
Manny supporting Dominican hip hop.
Manny's 2004 World Series MVP speech.
Nice Manny tribute video.
Good fansite here.
Obligatory look at his Wiki.
The New Yorker takes on Manny.
And so does The Onion.
A nice flow chart on Manny's pursuit of 500 home runs.
The play from this year where he high fived the fan before throwing the dude out.
Nice Slate piece on Manny here.
Strong piece on Manny from USA Today also.
Good, albeit odd, NY Times piece on Manny's connection to Washington Heights.
Is Manny a Jedi?
1993 piece on Manny from the New York Times. Oddly, very little is different.
Boston Globe website with a sick photo gallery of Manny's best moments, both quirky and legitimate.
Another look at Manny's Top 10 moments.
If Manny had a theme song, what would it be?