"Heroes in a half shell... turtle power!" Getty Images

Celtics Center/Forward P.J. Brown has waited a long time to get to the NBA finals (fourteen seasons to be exact). He let ESPNTheMag.Com take a peek into his world as he got ready for Game 2:

P.J. Brown: "I haven't slept well during these playoffs. Really doesn't matter who the opponent is, I just haven't been getting much sleep. I guess it's a little bit of anxiety. Anxious just to get out here and play and perform. So, I got about an hour in. I like to sleep in silence. I got my air conditioning blowing hard [temperatures in the 90's this weekend] and I got a fan. Growing up, when I was a kid, we didn't have air conditioning. So we had this big old fan. I like to hear that sound. Then this morning, I went to our practice shoot-around. With these games at an extended time, there's so much time in between, so I hung out longer after practice than I usually do. I went through my practice routine. Looked at the scouting report for the Lakers. Got my treatment on my ankle, on my knees and my body on things I needed. I finally got home. Ate a little bit of lunch. I had a turkey sandwich and a chicken Caesar salad. See that, a salad, I eat healthy. I try and tell the kids on this team, that's why I am here. Eating healthy is the key. It's no secret. Eat your fruits and vegetables. Okay, I took about an hour nap. Woke up. Ate again, this time some pasta. Messed around with the kids. Slapped them across the head a little bit [laughs]. Then I got ready to come here. When I get to the arena, my routine is the same as it's been for the past almost fifteen years. Everything I just said about practice and then I get here early. I like to come here and relax and look at some film. Look at the scouting report. Go and talk a little trash with the fellas [his teammates]. I'm not real superstitious, but everything has got to be the same though. I go out to the court and get my shots up. It's been the same way for near fifteen years. I am so honored and privileged to be involved in this NBA Finals. Three, four months ago, I was at home. I didn't know if I'd ever play again. Now I'm here on this stage. I'm just trying to savor every moment. I'm just grateful and appreciative. To get out there and throw some elbows and break a sweat and to have my name involved in this means a lot and is very special. I'm looking forward to the next four or five games. I've really enjoyed the competition the most so far and also, you know what, seeing you guys, the media. That's when I knew, when we came into practice the first day and we see all these media members from all around the world, see a hundred, a hundred and fifty people, everybody taking pictures and interviewing and trying to get quotes, it's fun to be a part of.

And having this be Celtics-Lakers is even more special. That's got to be. Celtics-Spurs would be special. Celtics-Hornets would be special. Celtics-Lakers, because as a kid twenty years ago, when these two teams met, you were locked in and tuned into this series. I can almost remember every series like I just saw it yesterday. I can remember Gerald Henderson's steal in `84. I can remember Magic that skyhook dream baby, that skyhook big one handed shot over the guard. I can remember when Kevin McHale almost took Kurt Rambis' head off. To sit there and watch as a kid and be so amazed and enamored and caught up in that and now, hey, I'm a part of this series now. It's unreal. I try and pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming. It's turning into a great series. There's going to be some drama, like Game 1 with Pierce's knee. There's going to be a lot of different things to keep the fans on the edge of their seats. Some experts say it's going to be a quick series; it's not going to be long. Hey, it's two great teams and you expect a great series and with Celtics-Lakers, it makes for dramatic basketball."