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Say what you will about the New York Mets—it's the bullpen's fault!—but Willie Randolph is not on the firmest ground presently. It's a shame, with this economy and everything. The Metropolitans are on the west coast and speculation is that Willie may come back east unemployed. We decided to take a look at his career as a player and a manager through our links feature, Clip Reel. Enjoy while you can.

Willie talking about the epic collapse at the end of last season.
Willie on Mike and the Mad Dog; you know this will get interesting pretty quick.
Willie does an interview with the African Baseball Network.
Some dude films himself putting a mini-Willie in a grill. Get it? "Firing" him! HA!
On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you think Willie misses Joe Torre?
Willie on SNY, a media organization he later somewhat threw under the bus.
This guy made a video called the All-Time Yankees lineup, and somehow got Willie on there. Cool!
Might as well take a gander at his career stats, then.
And his Wiki.
The Sporting News runs a rather not-nice headline on the Mets.
Willie's Mets bio.
MLB.Com Multimedia content on Randolph, including pressers where he seems embattled.
Flushing Fussing column: one of our staffer's friends from college writes this thing!
Good smattering of Willie videos off Google can be found here.
The Wilpons ain't talking.