There was a time when Jalen was the only Rose. Getty Images

Earlier today, we received this emotional lament from one of our Chicago correspondents. He reports, "I was at the gym and saw someone wearing a No. 5 Bulls jersey with Rose printed on the back. I was thinking, 'Wow, that person is confident the Bulls are going to pick Derrick.' Then I thought, 'Wait, is it custom? Where I can even I get one of those?' Just as I started walking toward the guy to ask him where he got it, it hit me. 'Damn, Jalen Rose was a Bull, too.' I turned around and walked to the locker room."

Bottom line: Derrick Rose has some big Rosey shoes to fill. Or does he? Let's stack it up.

Jalen: Born and raised in Dee-troit in the Bill Laimbeer Era. His biological father was none other than Jimmy Walker, who started with none other than Jerry West. (Trippy factor: though they corresponded some, Jalen never met his father in person.)

Derrick: Born and raised in Chicago in the Michael Jordan Era, and the post-Jordan Era, basically up until now. Not sure if either stacks up with Laimbeer Era, seeing as ol' flopper is basically our best friend.

HS Legend Status
Jalen: A stud, a McDonald's All-American and all that, but wasn't even in the best player in his own city due to a dude named Chris Webber. Still, we should also note Jalen was a 6'8" point guard in high school, which is funny just to think about.

Derrick: Won two state titles at Simeon, and has maybe the sickest HS dunk sequence we've ever seen.

Freshman Year
Jalen: A member of the Fab Five. Nuff said.

Derrick: Went to to national title game, and like the elder Rose, lost that game. (But not to Hurley and Laettner.)

Freshman Year Bonus, Authors
Jalen: His Freshman year inspired Mitch Albom's first book, Fab Five, notable because Albom did a few more books, and can now type his rough drafts on money if he wants.

Derrick: Mitch?

Bonus Two, Shoes and Fashion
Jalen: The Fab Five made the black socks movement huge, and also sported the Air Huarache, which was an insane-looking shoe. Definitely a blip in below-the-knees fashion history with this crew.

Derrick: He should have a shoe contract—in about ten hours.

Draft Place
Jalen: 13th overall after his Sophomore year. Not bad.

Derrick: No. 1 in about four hours.

Pro Days
Jalen: A solid career. A diverse player, but probably never a true go-to #1 type guy. He was a good running mate for Reggie Miller when they went to three straight Eastern Conference Finals. Weird note is that he was once in a trade package for Brad Miller, Ron Mercer, and yes, Ron Artest, sending Artest to the Pacers. So he sort of made Artest. Wait. Do we want to say that?

Derrick: Well, we know he'll get paid. If the Bulls take him, he'll also already be involved in creating what could be a large trade for a member of the current Bulls backcourt.

Time on ESPN
Jalen: Jalen is a studio analyst…

Derrick: …but he's not the No. 1 pick in the draft. Derrick will get more air than the Red Sox for a few weeks here.

Jalen: Gave Mutumbo a check for $100,000 for charity. If you roll with Mutumbo in charity, you roll deep.

Derrick: Let the dude get a check.

Bottom line, Derrick has a lot in front of him, but Jalen, still only 35, is still rolling in some ways, and can't be denied his Rosey status just yet.