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Miami was incorporated as a city on this day in 1896 (thank you, Internet!) Although the recent history of South Beach and sports has been a little dicey (Marlins look good, though!), the city has a fairly glorious overall run with professional and collegiate athletics. Let's take a closer look; it'll be comprehensive as all get out, but we may miss a few things. It's a long history, after all.

Nice overall resource on the Dolphins.
Another one.
That '72 team was pretty good, eh?
This is a better look at 'em.
LeBatard had them on his show for a pep rally before the Super Bowl.
Dan Marino: maybe the best Fin of 'em all.
Will Ferrell weighs in on Marino's career.
This is probably a little bit of throwing Marino under the bus, but it needs to be seen.
The '84 team was pretty good too. Loved Mark Duper.
Bill Parcells is a little like Larry Brown, isn't he?
This is a bit odd.
Want to know more about Tony Sparano?
He'll never be as good as this guy, probably.

Good resource #1.
Good resource #2.
They've got a title.
Here's a pretty good recap of how they did it.
Here's the final minute with the celebration.
D-Wade is pretty good.
So's Marion.
Now they got this guy.
We know him pretty well.
We hope it can fire up the ol' Knicks vs. Heat rivalry.
Because honestly, that thing was fun.

1997 and 2003.
Good resource.
And another.
A good piece on their attendance problems.
A good piece on their future in Florida.
Beckett in 2003: the beginning of a ridiculous playoff run for him.
This fan is confident they'll continue to be good.
Their infield right now is pretty amazing.
New Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston movie filming at a Marlins game, for the heck of it.

The 2001 team might be the best college football team of all-time.
Nice video here about their expected rebound back to national prominence.
Some of the great running backs they've had.
A look at some of their best of all-time.
Hurricane Flashback! (more greatness)
Converting 3rd and 43 against ND.
Another nice old school mix.
Good overall resource on the Hurricanes, including their awesome baseball team.
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