8/25/2008 - Chicago Bears
"Future's so bright..." Getty Images

Today is Jim McMahon's 49th birthday. Maybe we're suckers, but we find him an interesting guy: he quarterbacked what could be the best football team of all-time, the 1985 Chicago Bears. He had a bunch of iconic ads in the 1980s, and went to BYU yet didn't seem especially wholesome. Let's take a look at him via Clip Reel. This seems like a good starting point.

Pro Football Reference.
Nice ESPN Classic article on him.
Odd piece on him from a site called BadGolfer.com.
This is an "unofficial" fan site.
McMahon on Letterman, from 1986.
One of his 1980s commercials, this one for the game "Gotcha!"
Some guy made an original YouTube series called "The Adventures of Jim McMahon." This is episode 10. Look in the 'related content' box for the other episodes. Fairly amazing.
Is the 1980 Holiday Bowl - BYU vs. SMU - the greatest college football comeback ever?
Here's a Honda Scooter commercial he did.
New Coke vs. Classic Coke ad he did with the Fridge.
Close to a 10 minute clip of video highlights from McMahon's career.
Second City comedy troupe spoofs McMahon.
McMahon did a Sega DreamCast commercial in 2000?
In a commercial with Perry, Ditka, and Rodman.
Here he is golfing with Sterling Sharpe.
Interesting question: how many 1985 Bears played for the Packers at another point?
November 2003 DUI.
Great photo of McMahon and Ditka.
Hey, McMahon's working for the Chicago Slaughter now!
And again, with feeling: the Super Bowl Shuffle.