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Personal admission: I loved the early 1990s Portland Trail Blazers. Although they never won a NBA titlethey caught the back end of the Pistons dynasty, then the front end of the Bulls'they were amazing to watch. And while I've never seen Terry Porter play live, for a good chunk of my childhood I had a poster of him on my bedroom wall. As such, the death yesterday of Kevin Duckworth was sad; I once saw Duckworth speak at a basketball camp (oddly, he was teaching us how to shoot long-range jumpers, never the backbone of his game) and he seemed like a great guy. It's time to honor the Blazers of the early 1990s via Clip Reel.

November 25, 1990: "The Perfect Quarter."
Blazers vs. Sonics from March 1991.
March 29, 1991: Blazers storm back from 21 points down to beat the Lakers.
December 1, 1990: Blazers vs. Sonics.
Here's the CBS intro to Game 2 of the Pistons vs. Blazers NBA Finals. Pat O'Brien!
Here's a late-game clip from that game.
Drexler dunking on Laimbeer from that series.
Jazz vs. Blazers in the 1992 Western Conference Finals.
Blazers vs. Suns in the '92 Western Conference Semis.
Continuing to work backwards: Blazers vs. Lakers in the first round of the '92 Western playoffs.
Ultimately, the Blazers had to face the Bulls in those '92 Finals.
The series is probably best remembered for the Jordan shrug.
Here's Part 1 of a good video recapping the entire '92 NBA Finals.
And Part 2 is here.
Here's a long clip from Game 3 in Portland. RIP CITY!
Good resource on the '92 Finals.
Similarly, a good resource.
Here's Henry Abbott's piece on Duckworth.
Kevin Duckworth's career stats.
Tribute video to him.
Some clips of him from the 1995 preseason.
Blazers vs. Celtics double OT game from 1992 has some good Duckworth moments.
One of Duckworth's teammates was obviously the incomparable Clyde Drexler.
Amazing clip of Drexler's Top 10 dunks.
My man Terry Porter!
More info on him.
And more info on the glory years.
Another guy to love: Duckworth's low-post partner, Buck Williams.
Did you know Buck was in a 1987 NIKE commercial?
This video is epic, and a good place to end: Rip City Shuffle.