"Let me see you get low? I hate that Cutler's listening to rap these days." Getty Images

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The Denver Broncos are 3-0. Big reason why? Check out these numbers from Brandon Marshall: 24 receptions for 321 yards (13.4 average) and 2 TDs. He didn't even play the first Sunday due to suspension; he came out last weekend and caught 18 balls in one game (second all-time). Want to learn more about Marshall, through all manner of media? Click on through.

His NFL.Com page features some nice video highlights.
His Wiki is good for tons of generally unsourcable information.
Here's his Pro Football Reference page.
This article from the Denver Post is a good summary of his on-field talent intersecting with his lack of maturity off the field.
The same paper gave him a B grade, while calling him 'unstoppable' in yesterday's win over the Saints.
Here's a 4:30 highlight reel of Marshall.
Here's eight minutes of Cutler to Marshall. In three years, this might be the pre-eminent hookup in the NFL.
Another Marshall highlight reel.
And, still another. Worth noting: this guy hasn't even been in the league that long!
Here are highlights - actually, all 18 are shown - of Marshall's 18 catch day against San Diego last Sunday.
Mike Shanahan talking about his troubled WR meeting the Commish.
Marshall greeting fans after a victory.
His old UCF player page.
The Orlando Sentinel with a piece comparing Marshall's skills to Terrell Owens.
Community blog from the same paper about how Marshall embarasses UCF grads.
Kansas City Star takes a look at him.
Feature from Pro Football Weekly on Marshall.
Nice piece from the Rocky Mountain News on Cutler and Marshall's relationship.
Another piece on Marshall, penned before the season.