"In Japan, fortunately, there is no translation for 'Hits but doesn't slug.' They are the same." ... "Tight." Getty Images

[Ed's Note: All week long, we'll be recapping the MLB regular season. Check it out.]

Numbers define baseball. More than any other sport, the numbers come first to mind. 61, 56, 4,256, 130, 5,714, 715 & certain figures capture far more than a moment. Some capture a career, a season or a time from our past. And there will be new ones. Here, we take a quick look at an assortment of figures that stuck out from this season.

46  League-leading total of home runs in NL, with a few more games to play. (Ryan Howard)

55.5  Average for league home run leader in NL, 1997-2007.

36  League-leading total of home runs in AL, with a few more games to play. (Tie between Miguel Cabrera, Carlos Quentin)

51.1  Average for league home run leader in AL, 1997-2007.

13  Years in a row that the Yankees have made the playoffs, a streak that ends this year.

14  The current record for consecutive playoff years, held by the Braves (1991-2006)

1,798  Hits by Ichiro Suzuki with four games remaining in his 8th ML season (Ichiro was not allowed to join MLB until he'd completed 7 years of Japanese baseball)

1,505  Hits by all-time hit leader (4,256) Pete Rose in the best eight of his 23 Major League seasons

2.0  Games behind the division-leading Arizona Diamondbacks that the Dodgers were when Manny Ramirez played his first game in Dodger Blue. Currently, the Manny-led team is up 2.5 games.

.399/16  Batting average and HR total for Manny in 173 AB's in LA in 2008.

.299/20  Batting average and HR total for Manny in 365 AB's in Boston in 2008.

9-11  Win/Loss record for the San Diego Padres ace Jake Peavy, despite a 2.77 ERA.

3.47  Peavy's run-support per game, 136th out of 140 qualifying pitchers in MLB.

5.92  Run support average for the Cubs Ryan Dempster, who is 17-6 with a 2.99 ERA.

4,000  Population of Gibsons, BC, where Dempster was born.

$265, 625  Yearly average that Michel Inoa has made for his life so far after the 16-year-old from the Dominican Republic signed a contract with the A's that included a $4.25 signing bonus.

.364  Chipper Jones' batting average this season, at age 36. It leads the league.

.310  His career average.

36  Home run total hit by Carlos Quentin for the White Sox in 130 games this season.

13  Home run total hit by Quentin in 118 games over the last two seasons at Triple-A Tucson.

11  Total number of starts made by Mike Hampton in 2006-2008.

$42,503,543  Total salary paid to Hampton during said period.

$4.405 million  Combined salaries of Cliff Lee and Tim Lincecum this season.

39-6  Their combined record with a few games to play.

5' 11'', 160 lbs  Tim Lincecum's height and weight.

30  Number of walks granted by Greg Maddux in 188 IP this season.

999  Number of walks Maddux has granted in his career, if he retired today.

3,369  Maddux's career strikeout total.

.354/.582  Carlos Zambrano's batting average and slugging percentage.

.272/.433  The league average in those categories.

.354  Zambrano's OBP. He has zero walks in 79 AB's this year.

53,069  Average attendance at Yankee Stadium for the stadium's final season.

22,259  Average attendance for Tampa Bay's Tropicana Field.

27,000  Cumulative listenership per week for radio broadcasts of Nationals games.

29,185  Average home attendance for Nationals games.

4.32  AL average team ERA in 2008

4.63  AL average team ERA in 2004

2nd  League rank in BBs for the Cubs hitters in 2008

25th  League rank in BBs for the Cubs hitters in 2007

.480  OBP for Barry Bonds in 2007

.333  OBP average for all MLB players in 2008

116  The number of games the Rays needed this year to reach their 70th win, which up until this year was their franchise high for a season.

22.5  The combined games-back that the Cleveland Indians and Detroit Tigers, the two teams that were expected to battle for the AL Central division title, are behind the Chicago White Sox.

7  Losses in a row to start the season for the Tigers. They were .500 on July 28th. Since then they've gone 31-43.

100  Years since the Cubs & oh, nevermind.