10/20/2008 - Milwaukee Bucks
"I am proud of Smith and Bogut. Well, Bogut. OK, I'm proud of Andre Miller." Getty Images

[Ed's note: We're rolling out a 'Fun Facts' on every team in the NBA before the season starts. For more information and to see the other teams profiled, please go here.]

Last weekend, we hit this up. There's just something about sweetened rhubarb wine that makes you want to discuss a Scott Skiles-coached team, so we said out loud: "The best player on that team is going to be Joe Alexander." Our friend laughed right in our face. We held firm: "The dude has a 40-something-inch vertical leap!" He laughed again and simply said: "Richard Jefferson?" Tired of the argument and wanting another sample, we ended the discussion right there. (Besides, everyone knows the answer is really Michael Redd.) Here now, a tour of the fun side of the Milwaukee Bucks. Sadly, no wine is involved.

1. Why we'll be an Andrew Bogut fan for life.

2. Charlie Villanueva's Wikipedia offers up this gem: "Villanueva is widely recognized as the greatest player in NBA history with alopecia."

3. The Bucks' trip to China has been a homecoming of sorts for Taiwan-born rookie Joe Alexander.

4. In 2005, Utah became the first school in NCAA history to have its athletes selected as top picks in the NFL and NBA drafts in the same year. The Bucks took Bogut and the San Francisco 49ers took Alex Smith with their #1s. The Bucks might have actually gotten the better of that one.

5. There have been seven Dutch players in NBA history. Two are Bucks centers: Francisco Elson and Dan Gadzuric.

6. Alexander is pro-Obama, thanks to a little convincing from Nas.

7. New head coach Scott Skiles holds the NBA record for most assists in a game: 30. He's also got the best NBA quote in recent memory.

8. Michael Redd = Kanye West? He's apparently a big star with a small ego, so maybe not…

9. There are only four guys on Milwaukee's roster that are older than the team's mascot, Bango.

10. Bango might be old, but he's got hops.