Is that Sheed over there? Getty Images

[Ed's note: We're rolling out a 'Fun Facts' on every team in the NBA before the season starts. For more information and to see the other teams profiled, please go here.]

Some people like to beat down the Detroit Pistons on the "fun" side. We heard a completely hammered guy yell at a bar once during a 'Stons/Spurs tilt, "I'm so tired of this!" Indeed. But the Bad Boys are fun. You think Rasheed Wallace isn't hysterical? You're wrong. He's the man. He wears Air Force Ones in games, for pete's sake! OK, we'll stop with our man crush for a second. (We once told a guy, "Rasheed Wallace, talent-wise, is the third best player in the NBA." Comments like that could get us fired.) Here we go with the rest of the Pistons and their fun ways.

1. Rasheed Wallace = Carlton Banks? According to new head coach Michael Curry, he's more like Manny.

2. Wallace also has the (dubious) honor of holding the most unbreakable record in sports.

3. Final Wallace (we think): "Jingle Bells."

4. The team's biggest offseason acquisition was Kwame "Stone Hands" Brown. Though he puts them to good work on this assist.

5. NBA athletes have run-ins with the law pretty often, but Brown takes the cake. Literally.

6. Sorry, more Sheed. Couldn't resist.

7. New head coach Michael Curry in practice: "The game's 69-69. Last shot of the game." 69-69? That's the team's ideal scenario?

8. Joe Dumars is the only Piston in history to wear #4. It was retired in 2000, so no one else has a shot.

9. When the Pistons drafted Amir Johnson with the 56th pick in 2005, he became the last player to be drafted straight from high school.

10. Just in time for Halloween, an interview with the man behind Rip Hamilton's plastic mask.