11/4/2008 - Atlanta Falcons
They call him "Matty Ice." Getty Images

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Last September, we were living up in Connecticut (the ESPN mothership) and one of our roommates, a Wake Forest alum, went up to Boston for the weekend to check out Wake vs. BC. He comes back Sunday, walks into the backyard where we're grilling and the first thing he says is: "Matt Ryan is really, really good." Indeed. Citizens of Atlanta are saying that presently, as a Falcons team that was supposed to be recovering from about twelve different subplots is currently contending in the NFC South. They call Ryan "Matty Ice" and frankly, we can't argue. We'll spare you the "anti-Vick" storyline, but we will present a brief history of the Falcons' future via Clip Reel.

Here's his Wiki.
Pro Football Reference.
NFL.Com page, with videos.
Interview on the Falcons "Media Lounge" portion of their website.
Falcons blog from last spring: "Why the Falcons should NOT draft Matt Ryan."
Behind the scenes of his first press conference in Atlanta.
Good Bleacher Report article.
Remember that insane drive he led against Virginia Tech?
Here are some clips of him against Clemson.
"Meet Matt Ryan" video.
Matt Ryan vs. Miami last year.
Shredding apart Bowling Green.
He threw for over 300 yards and 3 TD against Maryland.
Here he is versus ND.
This is a mixed bag of Ryan clips.
Ooh, an eight-minute clip on Ryan's skills. Nice.
Nice Part II: Stack TV films Ryan discussing his college recruitment process.
Making the case for Ryan as ROY.
Here's his Topps football card rookie shoot.
Ryan's first NFL pass was a friggin' touchdown.
Here's a breakdown of said pass by the NFL Films guys.
Ryan discusses his training routine.
Here, he gives advice to HS athletes.
We gotta show it: Ryan throwing up on the sidelines at BC.
Seems a relevant place to end: the Atlanta Journal Constitution's search field on Matt Ryan. They'd know him pretty well.

You can access Matt Ryan's NEXT candidate page right here.