Clip Reel: Jay Z and LeBron

This is Donnie Walsh's worst nightmare. Getty Images

What is "Clip Reel?"

Coldplay's new EP, Prospekt's March, drops today (if you ever doubt the sincerity of Chris Martin, read this). One of the cooler things off the EP: a remix of "Lost" featuring Jay-Z. We'll admit to having a complete man crush on Jay-Z (watch this), but with LeBron James headed to New York tonight to face the "dumping-salary-to-get-him" Knicks (read this), we thought it was time for a brief investigation of Bron Bron's relationship with our favorite hip-hop mogul (sorry, Puffy). We understand Jay-Z is associated with the Nets and LeBron is playing the Knicks tonight, but since baseless speculation about the King's arrival in the general New York area always seems somewhat tied to Shawn Corey Carter, we decided to roll this out.

Here's the diss rap.
"I don't know if Mike Brown wants him talking to Jay-Z during games like that&"
Some radio hosts talk about the relationship.
Clips from the Jay and LeBron All-Star Game party in Las Vegas in 2007.
A Barack Obama rally featuring Bron and Jay.
Apparently they hosted a "New Music Seminar" in Cleveland.
Jay-Z toasting LeBron. Fairly intense.
Someone took a sick array of LeBron highlights and set it to "Song Cry." Amazing.
A commercial promoting a LeBron and Jay-Z after party in Cleveland.
This is probably the most detailed article we've ever seen on their dynamic and what it means to the NBA - or at least, the most detailed one yet written.
MTV.Com chimes in on them as "Roc-A-Family."
"The Rap Up" also chimes in.
Completely false rumor (we assume).
Ha, this seemed like a good place to end.