Clip Reel: LeBron and Carmelo

How cool is this picture? Getty Images

What is "Clip Reel?"

Tonight in The Mile High City, the Cavaliers and Nuggets lock it up. Unless you're a big fan of Mo Williams and Linas Kleiza"Not that there's anything wrong with that"—this is a battle between '03 draftees LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony, locked in a race to be No. 2 to D-Wade for the top guys in that ridic class to grab a ring. If you type "LeBron Carmelo" into YouTube, there are 2,080 results. Ugh, we don't have time for this. Here's the stuff you need: old school footage of them against each other in HS, an Access Hollywood interview they did with D-Wade in tow, a nice fan mix set to Fort Minor, this interesting article about how their rivalry "has failed to live up to hype" , the business side of things and this '03 ESPN.Com piece about their differences. Cool. So now the question is: who you got?