Clip Reel: Jamie Dixon

Jamie Dixon gets fired up coaching the Panthers. Getty Images

What is "Clip Reel?"

With the Pittsburgh Panthers at No. 1 right now—we are aware No. 1 in January doesn't always pan out to No. 1 on the first Monday of April—this question arises: could Jamie Dixon grab the brass ring before his mentor, UCLA's Ben Howland? Interesting. Perhaps more interesting: Dixon himself. In addition to (probably) being a top five coach in the game, he was a good player down at TCU; anyone remember "The Miracle" shot? Time to take a brief look at the man helming the nation's top college hoops program.

His Wikipedia page.
Official Pittsburgh bio page.
Here's one of the best articles you'll find on his relationship with his late sister, Maggie.
This is another great one.
Dixon reacting to being No. 1 for the first time.
Pitt over Duke plus Dixon's fast reflexes.
Eight-minute long Dixon interview.
Here's a six-minute long Dixon interview.
Classic clip of his sister being carried off the court.
Here's the Miracle shot against Texas again.
Here's the Post-Miracle interview.
Rather odd Star Wars parody of Howland and Dixon meeting in battle.
Two-minute interview with Dixon can be found here.
Interview with Dixon and Levance Fields before the MSU game last year.
Evil Twin Generator of Big East coaches claims that Dixon = Teen Wolf and Eddie Munster.