Clip Reel: Scottie Reynolds

Scottie goes up over two defenders on eventual national champion Kansas in last year's NCAA Tournament. Getty Images

What is "Clip Reel?"

Don't look now: the Big East is stacked, sure (the No. 1 team in America resides there), but Villanova is 13-2 and Scottie Reynolds hung 40 points on the board last night. Reynolds, one of the best Northern Virginia high school ballers of the past five or six years, isn't even the leading scorer on the Cats, but he's a key factor in their success. Here's a brief look at his greatness. If 'Nova and the impeccable hair of Jay Wright make a run at MSG this March, don't say we didn't warn ya.

Villanova player profile.
Apparently he has a Wikipedia.
1:25 clip of Reynolds.
Here's his entrance from Villanova's Midnight Madness.
4:12 interview with Reynolds from Big East Media Day this past October.
Brief HS highlights clip.
Every FG he hit against 'Cuse in January 2008.
Here he is against Georgetown in February 2008. JTIII recruited the kid pretty heavily, apparently.
Scottie giving a speech at Herndon HS after they retired his jersey.
Scottie knocks down a NBA-level three ball.
This appears to be some type of fan video.
Seems only logical to put a clip of the Nova Men's Team dancing to Soulja Boy here.
Reynolds drops 25 on Siena to get Villanova into last year's Sweet 16.
Post-game interview from that game with coach Jay Wright.
This is pretty interesting.
Here's the money feature on Reynolds' past.