Clip Reel: They Dunk, You Decide

All three can throw it down. Could any of 'em challenge Dwight, though? Getty Images

What is "Clip Reel?"

The NBA knows we live in an interactive world, so the final spot in All-Star Saturday Night's Slam Dunk contest will be filled by fan vote between Joe Alexander, Russell Westbrook and Rudy Fernandez. Here's the page with all the info and some "crazy vids" of the guys doing dunk-tastic things. Two things: (1) Cool! and (2) how underrated is All-Star Saturday Night as a concept? In college, it was one of the best nights of the year: get your boys together, watch Jason Kapono bang a few threes and then listen as Kevin Harlan and Kenny Smith lose their minds over rimrockers. Ah, college. Anyway, here's a look at the three candidates to challenge Dwight Howard, Nate Robinson et al.

Start here, as it has funny videos on it.

Pretty nasty dunk he did over Stanely Robinson of UConn last year.
He dunks from the foul line at WVU's Midnight Madness.
Nice rip of WVU highlights.
We'll show some of the dunk videos now. Here's "Cookies."
Here now: "Copies."
"Ping Pong"
Here comes the pain!
"The Flying Buck"
Game dunk on Vlad Rad.
"The Flying Future Mix"
Nice two-handed throwdown against the Suns.
Decent pre-game dunk.
Nice poster dunk against the Bobcats.
Here's a mix with all three of the guys dunking on it.

Nice one from UCLA.
Ridic poster slam against Oregon.
Throws the hammer down against Washington State.
Indiana feels the burn too.
Remember this slam against Kansas?
Whoa, this is just weird: versus the Heat.
The Trumpet Sketch for the Slam Dunk contest.
Get out the vote song.
Nice cut for a slam against the Nuggets.
Nice two-hander against the Grizzlies.
"Thunder in the Sky" mix.
A one-handed cradle dunk.
Nice putback dunk.
Here's a mix with all three of the guys dunking on it.

The famous one: posterizing Dwight Howard.
Pretty sweet dunk against Miami.
4:43 mix called "Rudy's Best Dunks." Pretty much all ya need.
Bilingual dunk ballad.
He shows off some preview dunks here.
Couple of monster dunks on this clip.
Nice two-hander against the Cs.
This is from a bad angle, but nonetheless fil-fee.
"Learn to Fly" mix.
Here's a mix with all three of the guys dunking on it.