Clip Reel: The History of the Arizona Cardinals

1/13/2009 - Arizona Cardinals
Is this the moment everything officially changed? Getty Images

What is "Clip Reel?"

Take a look at ESPN The Magazine's 2008 Franchise Rankings: the Arizona Cardinals came in 21st out of 32 NFL teams for "fan satisfaction." You might actually assume that ranking would be lower, since the Cardinals haven't been too amazing the past two to three decades. All that is on the up-and-up now, though: on Sunday, they will host (inconceivable!) the NFC Championship Game. Here's a look back at their organization and the glory that is to come.

This brief AP article contextualizes pretty well how amazing this run is.
Very good list of facts about the Cardinals franchise.
"The team began as a neighborhood group that gathered to play football on Chicago's South Side."
Here's a rather detailed look at their history.
Some players of note throughout their existence.
Ah, the Arizona Cardinals Ring of Honor.
If you want one game in the last few years that encapsulated the Cardinals, it's that Monday Night Football loss to the Bears.
That, of course, led to this.
This might be one of the best fan tribute videos you'll see on the Interwebs.
This one is pretty good too, intercut with Bon Jovi.
This 4:10 video is simply titled "The Arizona Cardinals Don't Suck."
This video claims that "The Moment" for these Cardinals was the season-opening win over the Niners.
The same guy put this up as "The Moment II," and it's about the win over the Panthers this past weekend.
Here's our "Moment I" - Fitzgerald against the Falcons.
"Moment II" - Fitzgerald against the Panthers.
Because both those throws were pretty good too, here's a Kurt Warner tribute video.
And here's a 5:40 rip of Larry Fitzgerald plays for you.
Decent Ken Whisenhunt interview here.
Funny to think: this could have set back the entire franchise a few more years, honestly.
This almost did.
If you sort "Arizona Cardinals" by View Count on YouTube, this Adrian Wilson jump is the top hit with over six million views.
"A long, rocky history marks the Bidwills' ownership."
We leave you with this. Notice any differences near the bottom?