Too Short For A Column


Saw a quote the other day from Clippers owner Donald Sterling that made me choke on my tuna fish. After the last-place-yet-again Clippers absorbed another loss, Sterling told the L.A. Times: "I don't take too well to losing." Are you kidding, pal? You take it better than anybody in NBA history! All you DO is lose! You are to losing what the Titanic was to sinking! For more than 28 years, you've done almost nothing to stop losing, because the Clippers to you are just another real estate investment that you've watched go from $13 million when you bought it in 1981 to an estimated $294 million now. That's fine. Congratulations. Light up a Cohiba. But just don't tell us you don't do losing. You do losing better than Oprah does gaining!

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