Clip Reel: Barack Obama and Sports

Three-cola. Getty Images

What is "Clip Reel?"

It's a fairly well-known fact that Barack Obama is pretty athletic, and a good hoopster. Sports Illustrated just ran this feature on the notion, TIME Magazine ran this first-person account of Obama's hoops skills from his brother-in-law Oregon State men's basketball coach Craig Robinson in their "Person of the Year" package and this picture of him taking Tyler Hansbrough to the rack has made the Internet rounds. (In our next issue, next week, we've got an Obama piece too!) Here now: a brief look at his overlap with sports on his big day.

This is a Barack mixtape.
Playing some 3-on-3 in April 2008.
Footage of him playing basketball in HS.
Here's the long-form Real Sports piece on Obama's basketball days.
Here he is making a three-pointer while campaigning in South Carolina.
And here, he makes a three-pointer in Kuwait.
He played basketball on the morning of Election Day, if you recall.
Hill Harper on Obama and basketball.
"We don't need another bowler in chief!"
Fake "We Are All Witnesses" commercial for Obama.
Obama balling in Hawaii.
He talks hoops in Minnesota.
CNN feature on Obama and basketball.
Sweet photo gallery on Barack and basketball.
Tubby Smith on Barack.
ESPN.Com search results for "Barack Obama."
We wanted to end with this, even though it's not hoops: the "Yes We Can" video.