Clip Reel: Jelani Jenkins

Jelani Jenkins isn't headed to the Terps. But could he become as dominant a LB as fellow Beltway native Shawne Merriman? Getty Images

What is "Clip Reel?"

In the February 9, 2009 issue of ESPN The Magazine, there's a feature called "Please Sign Here" about the recruiting process for Maryland HS football star Jelani Jenkins. (Read it here.) To give you a little more context on Jenkins, we wanted to link up some resources you can pursue to understand how much of a program-changer he might become.

Here's his Rivals page.
Scout.Com page.
ESPN Insider profile.
Takkle page.
A blog post about him from a site called "Varsity Blue."
A Washington Post piece on Jenkins.
This MaxPreps article is called "The Rapid Rise of Jelani Jenkins."
Good Scouts, Inc. piece on his scholarship too.
Here's a 4:00 video clip of Jenkins.
Here's a 9:00 clip.
This one is five minutes long.
This puppy's 2:30.
Here's one not-so-good clip of Jenkins.
So seriously, where will Jelani end up?