Clip Reel: Derek Jeter

Your friend and ours, Derek Jeter. Courtesy of Stewart Rahr

What is "Clip Reel?"

If Derek Jeter was a dinosaur, what kind of dinasaur would he be? Our first guess was a pterodactyl —versatile, scrappy, capable of flight—but then our friends over at Insider (they're now powered by Baseball Prospectus) wrote this interesting piece about how Jeter might be a better fit in center field, and this one about how Nomar Garciaparra could outperform him next year. We started to think, maybe he's become more of a stegasaurus. Anyway, we thought we'd dig up all the video and other minutiae we could on him (MLB still puts the lid on most game footage) and let you decide for yourself.

Jeter's farewell speech to Yankee Stadium.
Derek Jeter passes DiMaggio on the Yankees all-time hit list.
Any real cultural icon has had a cameo on the Simpsons (Susan Sontag was on there for goodness sakes).
Funny, because Jeter is also an example of an irregularity in averages called Simpson's Paradox.
Derek Jeter: An Homage.
Could he be related to George Costanza?
He got lessons from a Jedi too.
The famous flip.
Jeter tied Lou Gehrig for the most hits at Yankee Stadium (1,269) on a home run.
Hit number 1,270 means he stands alone as a Yankee.
"Mrs. Soriano" makes an appearance in an SNL skit.
Six Degrees of Derek Jeter.
"He wears so many rings it makes his fingers numb…" and other gems from "Hey Jeter."
Some might say he's got a Big Head.
Bugging out.
The Onion comments on his signature throw to first.
Somehow we don't think Jeter-Steinbrenner meetings go like this.
He loves the ladies. We ranked his best once.
From The Late Show with David Letterman: "When was the last time you Goosed your Gossage?" and other tough questions for Jeter and the Yankees.
Weird Note: He has a lot of tribute videos set to the Foo Fighters' "My Hero." Here's one.
"Now batting for the Yankees…"
The Jeffrey Maier catch.
A photo essay of the women he's been linked to.