The NEXT: Context of "Viral" Video

"Let's just see what kind of money this David cat gets in 2010, shall we?" Getty Images

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In the past 24 hours, we've had "David After Dentist" e-mailed to us four times, by four wholly different individuals. The thing is classic, which explains why it has 1.2 million views despite being up for barely a triple-digit number of hours. Want to know how ridiculous those numbers are? Chris Bosh's All-Star commercial last year, one of the most viral sports clips of the past 24 months (it landed Bosh a gig on The Tonight Show), has been up since December 28, 2007 and has about 688,000 views. Little kids win every time. (If you're wondering, the main YouTube version of Shaq's Kobe diss rap only has 26,000 views, but we think people were getting that mostly from TMZ.Com.)