Clip Reel: Hull City

As Guster might say, "Happy frappy." Getty Images

What is "Clip Reel?"

Here's a cool feature by Jeff Bradley on the Hull City soccer club. Since you may be reading it in Omaha, NE and have no knowledge of Premier League soccer / promotion and relegation / etc, we thought we'd give you some additional text and videos to enhance the reading experience. Here we go now.

This is the Hull City Wikipedia.
Apparently Hull City soccer has a MySpace page.
Here's a bunch of already-aggregated content on the club.
This is the Dean Windass goal.
This is a longer version of that clip.
Fan reaction to the Arsenal game.
This is a cool clip.
Here are clips of their first-ever Premier match.
Hull vs. Arsenal highlights.
Hull vs. Bristol City highlights.
The best goals from Hull City in '06-'07.
"The Road to Wembley."
Ha, in England they call segments "Talking Heeds."
Hull City promotional song. Pretty fun.
A remix of the "Tiger Tiger" song.
A tribute song.
This one link gives you about 3,000 Hull City-related videos, so it seems a good place to end.