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"Is that a zombie?" "No, just Al Davis." Courtesy Sony

If you're checking out PS3 games at the store, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune looks like your basic search-for-gold-and-shoot-fools-who-get-in-your-way type of game. But anyone who has actually played deep into the experience (a brilliant one at that) realizes it features an unexpected turn of events that involves some of the freakiest zombies of any game to date.

"I didn't see those zombies coming at all," laughs Jets WR Brad Smith. "Some of the craziest stuff happens in Drake's Fortune, but that's why I love it. That's a game that gets your mind totally focused on the story. And when those zombies showed up, it took me three days to beat them."

Smith, who grew up a Madden gamer playing as the virtual Randall Cunningham, now prefers to play games outside of his profession.

"I play so much real football, I'm more into games like Uncharted, Call of Duty, and NBA Live 09 when I want to relax. I probably play more of Live than anything."

As for Smith's virtual hoops squad: "I like to play as the Nets. They have a good big man, Vince Carter is always great and they have a fast point guard in Devin Harris. That's the combination for a great video game team."


Speaking of the PS3, I spent an incredible day down at Sony's San Diego studio last week playing the latest build of MLB 09: The Show (a later build than the preview released for download). And let me just say this: The game is flat-out amazing. From the lighting effects, to the way the players move and react on the field, to the new crowd chant feature that lets you use a PS3 mic (think Rock Band) to record your own voice and digitize that voice to sound like thousands of fans screaming "A-Roid" or "Ma-Don-Na" in unison. Everything about the game is top-notch.

And if it isn't the best sports game of 2009, I'd be shocked.

Too bad the game is only for the Sony systems (obviously looking and playing the best on the PS3). If you're a baseball fan and you only own a 360, it might be time to make the switch to Sony. The game is that good.

My advice: Start with MLB 09: The Show and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

Just be careful of those zombies. They're creepy enough to even give an NFL player nightmares.