ESPN Insider: The Mets Management of Their Bullpen

2/10/2009 - New York Mets
"Darn you to heck, Meyers." Getty Images

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Time for a little story about one of our staffer's dads. Dude is a hardcore Mets fan: used to tell at the TV, Rick Reilly-style, after literally every pitch Armando Benitez threw in the blue and orange. In 2006, when Endy Chavez made "the catch," he leaped up and down. (He doesn't do that often.) Meltdowns the past two seasons have shattered his soul, because he's seen the '86 highlight video north of how many times some fanboys saw The Dark Knight. Point being: this spring represents a lot of hope for this man. But now ESPN The Magazine associate editor Matt Meyers hath come along, via ESPN Insider, and questioned a few things about the Mets. Our boy's dad? He's gonna go and get a subscription to that service. Here's why you should.

Try to argue with this (e-mail us if you have argument): the three sports where a fan has the most need for insider knowledge are probably (a) college football (recruiting, etc); (b) college basketball (recruiting and NCAA Tournament trends, etc) and (c) baseball. College football recruiting is a year-round thing, the NCAA Tournament is fast approaching, and Arizona and Florida are about to be populated by throw and catch. Sooooooooooooooo…seems like a good time to sign up for this thing, eh?

Quick math lesson: $2.50 a month x 12 months = $30.00 a year. You want to stop and make a list of things you spend 30 bucks a year on that are completely worthless? Guarantee you the list gets to at least five elements, easy. (Ours: Rascal Flatts downloads, Adam Sandler movies, spinach and cheese dip as a general concept.) Just go and do it.