Clip Reel: Vancouver Canucks

2/18/2009 - Vancouver Canucks
"Know what I did last night? I saw some Swedish twins in action." Getty Images

What is "Clip Reel?"

Point of fact: we need to spend more time discussing hockey. For example, the Vancouver Canucks are hot fire right now and could be a sleeper in the West. We've always loved the Canucks, mostly because of Pavel Bure (and the fact that DJ Tanner is his sister-in-law). This new crop of kids is impressive. Time to take a look.

Detailed history of the organization.
Here's their official website.
Team clubhouse off ESPN.Com.
This "Canucks Nation" blog is pretty good. Bookmark it.
Nucks Misconduct is also sweet.
This is a 4:30 video tribute to Roberto Luongo, which seems like a good way to spend a few minutes.
This is why YouTube is great: an eight-minute look at their playoff run last year.
Some guy recorded a song called "Make Love to the Vancouver Canucks." Fun.
Should they use a song from Thin Red Line to intro the team at the arena?
An old flute song that plays before Canucks games.
High-energy Canucks goal song.
A custom Canucks goal horn.
This is the intro that the Canucks are using this season.
This Sedin twins ad is pretty funny.
This is probably the best Sedin twins tribute "vid" out there. It opens with an announcer saying "Which one is which?" Ha.
Dude that doesn't get enough ink: Ryan Kesler.
Pavol D. could use some more press as well.
He's one of a handful of new guys making contributions this season.
Curtis Sanford had a mask design contest, eh? Nice.
This guy has a channel called "Captain Canuck" on YouTube. It's more NHL big-picture, but there's good stuff on there.
Here you go: a Canucks channel on YouTube. Fun!