ESPN Insider: MLB 2009's Breakout Hitters

Tick, tick, tick. "The boom is implied." - Our boss. (Read the Dukes feature and you'll get it.) Getty Images

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You know the dudes at the local watering hole who get soused and just say stuff that they think sounds smart to say? Those guys are jerks. A few nights ago, some dude was about six Sierra Nevadas deep at this place near our house and keeps saying over and over, "Jay Bruce! Jay Bruce!" Here's Baseball Prospectus to back him up, via ESPN Insider. We hate it when those guys win out, but we love PECOTA and Baseball Prospectus. Why don't you become an Insider? It's a good time. Hey, you like Elijah Dukes? Read this. You like lists? Read this. Have a good weekend, will cha?