Clip Reel: Missouri Tigers

2/26/2009 - Missouri Tigers
Yellow is a fun color... when you're winning. Getty Images

What is "Clip Reel?"

Proof of the "small world" theory: the guy that wrote this sweet article for ESPN Insider about the Missouri Tigers () lived across the hall from us frosh year of college, and now works on the other side of the office. Weird. (Want to know where we went to school? Think "Big East team that fell off the bubble.") The Tigers sure as heck didn't fall off any bubble; in fact, they could probably go as high as a 3/4 seed. To read another pretty sweet article on Mizzou hoops, go here. Then come with us as we check out some resources on the program.

Official site.
Nice Wiki on their history.
Nice Nolan Richardson (his mentor) quote on Mike Anderson.
Here are clips of them beating Kansas in early February.
This is the team's intro video for this season.
Might as well throw a random Mike Anderson presser in here, eh?
"Media Day Shootaround:" the three sweetest words in the English language, probably.
Mizzou over Texas Tech this season.
Nice team promotional video.
This would be classified as "a fan vid."
Quin Snyder: this is awkward.
In 1990, Mizzou vs. Kansas was No. 2 vs. No. 1. Here are 10 minutes worth of clips.
Not sure why this video is titled like a member of the Dewey Decimal system, but it's basically players discussing a game.
"Missouri Basketball Riding High."
Leo Lyons talks about becoming a member of the starting five.
If you like Mizzou sports, bookmark this.
Also bookmark this.
And this.
And honestly, just end by watching this. Amazing.