The One E-mail That Wasn't Insulting


Turns out the Central Lakes College softball team isn't the only one that's been pencil-whipped by a dumb interpretation of the rules. Check out these emails:

Nearly the same thing happened to our team in the Arkansas State Little League Championship Semi-Finals in 1987. Situation: We were playing the defending state champs, bottom of the seventh, I'm on first. It's 1-0, two outs, a 3-2 count, our best hitter up to bat. The opposing coach, who was in a full upper body cast, had been yelling at the umps the entire game. Our guy hits a home run and we give him fives right before he reaches home plate. Their coach and players get in the ump's face and scream that it should be an out. He just shrugs and says "Nope. Home run, game over. Good luck."

-Matt Straughn (Glenn Dale, Md.)

Rick, Just read your story about the softball team winning on a technicality. Instantly reminded me of a friend of mine back in high school about 10 years ago. My friend Darren was at a weightlifting competition and had placed a good enough score in the clean and jerk to go to the state championship in his weight class. Later in the competition he had a weight dropped on his foot and cursed (who wouldn't?). A passing coach who heard him immediately turned him in to the officials, as there was a no cursing rule. He was dq'd from the competition and wasn't allowed to go to state. Oh, and it was one of his own assistant coaches. He promptly quit the weightlifting team. Way to go coach.

-Allen DeLaney (Gainesville, Fla.)

My daughter's cross-country team was DQ'd from going to the state tourney because they had a shirt on under their regular jerseys that wasn't a solid color. The guy running the show knew it long before their race but didn't say anything until after the race when he came up and told them. Same kind of STUPID little rule that shouldn't even be in the books and no one had ever heard of before.

-Dan Kiel (Zeeland Mich.)

A brilliant young eighth grade science student at my school once had his science fair project disqualified because he used the wrong size science board to display his project! I got physically sick. I felt the same way reading your article about this softball coach. Thanks for pointing out this stupid rule and the coach who used it to steal the home run. Shame on her!

-Mary Lane (Columbia, Tenn.)

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