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It's entirely possible that, this weekend, you could be watching Hawaii quarterback Bryant Moniz deliver spirals on your TiVo when the doorbell rings and there will stand Moniz himself, delivering your pizza.

That's because Moniz is not just the starting QB for the Rainbow Warriors, he's also a pizza delivery guy in Manoa, Hawaii. The sophomore from Wahiawa, Oahu, is a walk-on who still doesn't have a scholarship. He got the starting job October 10 when starter Greg Alexander went down the week before.

Moniz, who is also raising a child, couldn't afford to give up the pizza job, so now he's going to school, starting at QB, and raising a family, all in 30 minutes or less. He's the pizza guy with everything on him.

Hawaii fans go pie-eyed when Moniz shows up with their pepperonis. He may be the only delivery guy in America who gets invited inside for pictures and autographs.

Unfortunately, Moniz is 0-4 as a starter. And you just know that sometime Moniz will be standing there after being paid, his hand out, asking for a tip, when the lady will go, "Yeah, stop throwing off your back foot" and close the door.

-- with additional reporting by Philip Fisher

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