Full account: Adam Dunn pitched

Just how bad was the Chicago White Sox’s night on Tuesday? So bad that Adam Dunn found himself on the mound in the ninth inning against the Texas Rangers. Yes, THAT Adam Dunn. You know, the designated hitter whose job is to hit balls and not throw them. Down 15-0 and running out of fresh arms, a desperate Robin Ventura turned to his last resort. It was Dunn’s first pitching appearance in the majors. And it showed.

Dunn allowed one run on two hits and a walk. For those keeping score at home, that gives him a 9.00 career ERA. So ... this likely will not be a bragging point in his career. The White Sox ultimately lost 16-0. It was the largest shutout victory in Rangers’ history and just a really, really sad night for those wearing the black and white.

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