Diggins leads Irish to 'hometown' Final Four

DAYTON, Ohio -- A lot of things are said in the recruiting process that never have the slightest chance of happening. If it means the difference in securing the services of a special player, a coaching staff will gladly promise a recruit the moon -- as well as those that orbit Mars and Jupiter.

So when Notre Dame was trying to convince local high school legend Skylar Diggins to stay in South Bend, Ind., and spurn the advances of Connecticut, Stanford, Tennessee and any other school with a brand name even greater than that of the school down the street from her, the coaches gave Diggins a book based around a timeline of how her career might unfold with the hometown team.

One prominent inclusion was the Final Four she could lead the Irish to as a sophomore. The one held a couple of hours to the south, in Indianapolis, the place every Indiana kid who ever shoots a jumper dreams of going to win a title.

There's a reason, after all, that "Hoosiers" isn't set in Massachusetts.

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