Journeys & Victories Archive

  • Maniacal devotion

    With 285 marathons completed and counting, Angela Tortorice of the Marathon Maniacs feels most alive when she's running off another 26.2 miles.

    Jun 29 | By Julia Savacool

  • Redefining fitness

    Jen Fitz-Roy isn't your typical athlete. Born with spina bifida, she turned to the gym to stay in shape but found competition and success in the process.

    Jun 29 | By Julia Savacool
    (Video by Hannah Storm/Brainstormin Productions)

  • Diving right in

    Air Force Academy's Moranda Hern isn't afraid to take the plunge headfirst, and that's exactly what she did when she founded a nonprofit to help military daughters deal with deployed parents.

    Jun 22 | By Julia Savacool

  • Surprise sensation

    Lizette Salas may be a new face on the LPGA Tour, but she's an old pro when it comes to playing the game.

    Jun 21 | By Julia Savacool
    (Video by Hannah Storm/Brainstormin' Productions)

  • Medal citizen

    Eleven years after leaving troubled Uzbekistan, new American citizen Varvara Lepchenko is in line to represent the U.S. at the Olympics.

    Jun 15 | By Julia Savacool
    (Video by Hannah Storm/Brainstormin Productions)

  • Pushing past pain

    For years, Jordan Keen was incapacitated by a disease called RSD. Now, the only pain the Team USA netball player feels is from her workouts.

    Jun 12 | By Chantel Jennings

  • A fighting chance

    Despite being beaten by two men with brass knuckles, two-time world racquetball champion Rhonda Rajsich didn't scream or back down. The competitive mindset saved her life.

    Jun 7 | By Cristina Goyanes

  • Her best Amigo

    Rodeo barrel racing star Tana Poppino knew it was time to dedicate herself to the sport when she found the perfect horse.

    Jun 1 | By Julia Savacool

  • Totally transformed

    Three years ago, Natalie Gianesello, a mother of two, committed to finding fitness. Today, she uses her experience to inspire clients to do the same.

    May 30 | By Julia Savacool
    (Video by Hannah Storm/Brainstormin Productions)

  • The pressure is on

    The Secret U.S. Classic may only be considered an Olympic tuneup to some, but the meet just reinforced the pressure-filled weeks ahead until the London Games.

    May 27 2:36 AM ET | By Melissa Isaacson

  • Life lessons

    The Work to Ride horse program provides inner-city teens in Philadelphia with structure, self-esteem -- and two national polo championships.

    May 25 | By Julia Savacool
    (Video by Hannah Storm/Brainstormin Productions)

  • A second wind

    Angela Madsen thought her life was over when she underwent a paralyzing surgery, but really it had just begun. The disabled athlete has left a slew of world records in her wake.

    May 17 | By Cristina Goyanes

  • Conquering the list

    Payge McMahon was at a crossroads when she uncovered her mother's bucket list. Inspired to conquer it, McMahon has crisscrossed the globe on one long adventure.

    May 14 | By Julia Savacool
    (Video by Hannah Storm/Brainstormin Productions)

  • Powerful ad celebrates Olympians' mothers

    Procter & Gamble's powerful new ad campaign tells the story of four aspiring Olympians through the eyes of their mothers. Get your tissues ready.

    May 11 | By Abigail Lorge

  • A time to quit

    Willow Rockwell was on the path to the Olympics. When she gave birth in December, her career was at its peak. Rockwell thought she could do it all. Until she couldn't.

    May 10 | By Rachel Sturtz

  • Wave of emotions

    In the world of surfing, Anastasia Ashley is as big as it gets. The self-taught professional has used the sport to get her through some rocky patches.

    May 3 | By Cristina Goyanes

  • Winning formula

    Pat Genovese has rewritten the women's lacrosse record book since she began coaching at Division III Hobart and William Smith in the wake of Title IX.

    May 1 | By Julia Savacool
    (Video by Hannah Storm/Brainstormin Productions)

  • The 50/50 club

    For 48-year-old Jenn Sommermann setting a goal of finishing a triathlon in every state before her 50th birthday is about much more than personal achievement.

    Apr 24 | By Julia Savacool
    (Video by Hannah Storm/Brainstormin Productions)

  • Back in the saddle

    Amber Neben is one of the top road cyclists in the world, but there's one title that has always eluded her: an Olympic gold. She's hoping to end that drought in London.

    Apr 19 | By Cristina Goyanes

  • Race with a view

    Not too many people can say they've run a marathon -- let alone seven of them, on seven different continents. But for Kelly Hansen, it's the places that make the races worthwhile.

    Apr 16 | By Julia Savacool

  • Survival of the fittest

    Ingrid Kantola was an elite pole vaulter in college, but she credits the intense training of CrossFit with giving her the strength to bounce back from open-heart surgery.

    Apr 10 | By Julia Savacool

  • No hurdle too high

    A childhood of abuse and tragedy could have caused U.S. hurdling champion Kellie Wells to crumble. Instead, she ran. And ran. Destination: London.

    Apr 5 | By Rachel Wallack Cooperman

  • Beverly Kearney's iron will

    Texas' Beverly Kearney is one of the most decorated track and field coaches in the country -- and there's a reason for that. When the Hall of Famer wants something, she usually gets it.

    Mar 30 | By Julia Savacool

  • Full speed ahead

    Paralyzed from the waist down as a child, Amanda McGrory has turned her disability into success, inspiration and -- if things go her way -- a ticket to the London Games.

    Mar 27 | By Rachel Wallack Cooperman

  • Sister, sister

    Nneka and Chiney Ogwumike have already led the Cardinal to a No. 2 ranking. The one piece of business left for the talented duo: bringing home Stanford's first national title in 20 years.

    Mar 22 9:32 PM ET | By Julia Savacool