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Michelle Smith

Contributor, espnW.com
  • U.S. needs middle management

    American midfielders hope to rebound from struggles and key a victory over Japan in final.

    Jul 15 | By Michelle Smith

  • Christie Rampone inspires younger teammates

    She's gone from reserve on the '99 team to an integral part of the defense on this one. She's team captain, fourth in caps all time -- and, oh yes, a mother of two.

    Jul 14 5:08 PM ET | By Michelle Smith

  • Japan's possession game will challenge U.S.

    Over the last three weeks, Japan has beaten opponents with its precision passing and possession game. The U.S. counters with a more physical team.

    Jul 13 7:22 PM ET | By Michelle Smith

  • U.S. women one win from history

    The 1999 team has been the frame of reference for women's soccer in the U.S. This team wants to leave its own mark, and with one more win, it will.

    Jul 25 8:45 AM ET | By Michelle Smith

  • At this stage, fitness plays a huge role

    The U.S. team is perhaps in its best physical condition in recent years. France is strong, too, and has had an extra day of rest.

    Jul 12 | By Michelle Smith

  • Powerhouse Germany ousted by gutsy Japan

    Disbelief settles across Germany after the host nation is eliminated by Japan in a 1-0 extra-time loss. It was Germany's first World Cup defeat since 1999.

    Jul 9 | By Michelle Smith

  • Leave WNBA out of NBA's mess

    For those who think the league is a drag on the NBA, nothing could be further from the truth.

    Jul 5 | By Michelle Smith

  • WNBA hurting: Lauren Jackson, Candace Parker out

    Two MVPs are hobbled in the same week, Lauren Jackson with a tear in her hip, Candance Parker with a potentially serious injury to her right knee.

    Jun 27 | By Michelle Smith

  • Rory, here's some advice

    You're 22, so a come-down at some point is inevitable. How far is up to you.

    Jun 24 | By Michelle Smith

  • Five things to watch in the NBA draft

    This year's NBA draft lacks the big names of years past and could leave GMs with more questions than answers. Here's the top stories for draft night.

    Jun 22 | By Michelle Smith

  • WNBA celebrates 15 seasons

    There were a lot of familiar faces on hand to celebrate the league's milestone Tuesday night. What they witnessed was a much-improved game.

    Jun 22 | By Michelle Smith

  • Courtney Paris' unexpected ride

    She was targeted for WNBA stardom, thanks to a record-breaking run at Oklahoma. But Courtney Paris is discovering that life in the WNBA isn't smooth.

    Jun 20 | By Michelle Smith

  • WNBA's unsung heroes make an impact

    In honor of the players whose contributions always seemed to be bigger than their star power, espnW lists the five most under-the-radar players in league history.

    Jun 13 | By Michelle Smith

  • Cal Bears make baseball comeback

    Their baseball program had been left for dead nine months ago. Today, the Cal Bears are very much alive and heading to the College World Series.

    Jun 13 | By Michelle Smith

  • Fighting for roster spots and playing time

    Getting on a WNBA roster is rough and finding playing time can be even rougher. Alexis Gray-Lawson counts herself as a survivor.

    Jun 6 5:34 PM ET | By Michelle Smith

  • Storm ringing in the season in style

    Seattle will get its 2010 WNBA championship rings Saturday, part of a long tradition of giving serious jewelry to the victors.

    Jun 4 | By Michelle Smith

  • WNBA standing the test of time

    History was not on the WNBA's side 15 years ago, as a majority of women's pro leagues had failed and folded. But the WNBA is still going despite the bumps in the road.

    Jun 3 | By Michelle Smith

  • An unforgettable night, an unforgettable girl

    An accepting high school gave Rachel Cooperstein, a student with Down syndrome, an opportunity. She gave them an experience they'll never forget.

    May 31 | By Michelle Smith

  • Don't expect too much from Maya Moore

    While the WNBA rookie expressed displeasure with her preseason debut, there's no doubt she will get better. Just don't expect her to dominate.

    May 30 | By Michelle Smith

  • Cheerleading has changed, so should our attitudes

    A new version of cheer is athletic, competitive and demanding -- and maybe it's time to consider it a sport.

    May 23 | By Michelle Smith

  • Smith: Renel Brooks-Moon a Bay Area fixture

    May 18 | By Michelle Smith

  • Five things to know about WNBA training camp

    It's time to get to work in the WNBA, with players starting the fight for roster spots. It's also time for coaches to begin forming their rotations and strategies for the season. Here's what you need to watch for in camp.

    May 17 | By Michelle Smith

  • That voice! Sounds like a Bay Area fixture

    Renel Brooks-Moon, a familiar voice to San Francisco Giants fans, is the only female public address announcer in Major League Baseball.

    May 17 | By Michelle Smith

  • Can a woman shoot for the NBA?

    NBA commissioner David Stern is optimistic about the possibility of a woman in his league, but many coaches and players are skeptical, citing disparity in size and strength between the sexes.

    May 12 | By Michelle Smith

  • U.S. women healthy for a change

    Candace Parker, Seimone Augustus and Candice Wiggins missed last year's World Championship because of injuries. All are back and rarin' to go.

    May 12 | By Michelle Smith