President Obama supports women's sports

President Barack Obama is the first to admit he is competitive.

When the UConn women's basketball team visited the White House, Obama took them to his basketball court and challenged star forward Maya Moore.

"Yes, we played a game of HORSE," said Obama, who appeared on "The B.S. Report" podcast with's Bill Simmons on Wednesday. "Now, Maya is always annoyed that I point out that I beat her. She was wearing high heels and a skirt at the time. So I'm not sure if that counts."

Obama told Simmons of the many championship teams he has hosted at the White House, he has especially enjoyed the women's basketball teams.

"You know what's fun is when the women basketball players come in, because they're all gorgeous and they're all 6-foot-5 and wearing high heels," Obama told Simmons. "And so they're walking around through the West Wing and everybody is wondering what the heck is going on."

Obama, who has two daughters, said he prides himself in getting to their athletic events. The first fan pushes his schedule back on Saturdays so he can see them compete.

"I have fun at those games," Obama said. "Watching 9, 10-year-old girls playing basketball and just fierce, just intense about it, is terrific. And last year I actually did some coaching.

"You just want them to win so bad. And when they actually run a play and it works -- you're just ecstatic. And a couple of heartbreaking losses and you're just feeling terrible. But they're wonderful."

Obama said watching the evolution of women's sports has been gratifying.

"What's great is that women's athletics, girls' athletics, I think makes all the difference in the world," Obama said. "I'm 50 now, so I went to high school in the '70s. We actually went to -- I went to a school that had a strong women's sports team. But it was still not the norm for a lot of girls to participate in a lot of sports teams, and now it's just second nature. And they're healthier for it. They learn competition. They learn how to bounce back from adversity. It's just -- it's a terrific thing to see.

"And they've got so many role models now because there are so many unbelievable female athletes out there, and they can see that there's no contradiction between them being strong and tough and beautiful and confident. Yes, it's a wonderful thing to see."

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