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Sarah Spain is a SportsCenter Anchor for Chicago's ESPN1000 and a reporter for She's a proud Cornell alum and a huge Chicago sports fan. You can follow her on Twitter @SarahSpain.
  • Olympic deja vu as Qatar beats U.S. for World Cup bid

    America was again dealt defeat, as Pasadena and its new Rose Bowl lost the bid for the 2022 World Cup to Qatar. So far the puns are coming fast and furious; already spotted are mentions of Qatarade and Qatar Hero, no doubt Q-Atari is coming soon.

    Dec 2 | By Sarah Spain

  • Heat fans really need to 'Fan Up' in support of their team

    The Heat's attendance issues have gone from laughable to sad. Sure, it was a Wednesday night and yes, the Pistons aren't exactly a hot sell, but the thousands of seats that sat empty all the way through the first quarter were truly pathetic.

    Dec 2 | By Sarah Spain

  • Flyers captain Richards to have shoulder surgery

    Apr 29 3:37 PM ET

  • Phil Hughes

    Phil Hughes got his first big league regular-season win since Sept. 27, 2007.

    Apr 29 10:37 AM ET

  • Phil Hughes

    Thanks to pitching six shutout innings, Phil Hughes has more wins in 2009 than he had in 2008.

    Apr 29 10:13 AM ET

  • Athletes Life Summer Of W

    10 Faces of Summer: Sarah Groff

    You wouldn’t think slower would be better for a triathlete, but adjusting to the relaxed pace in Spain has helped Sarah Groff as she takes a new approach to training.

    Aug 27 12:18 PM ET | By Sarah Groff

  • Showdown: G'town/Mem

    Showdown: G'town/Mem

    Dec 21 4:59 PM ET

  • A queda de produção do Botafogo - 12/11

    A violência na Itália, a beleza da torcida do Flamengo e os reflexos da última rodada dos Campeonatos Italiano e Inglês estão na pauta do "Linha de Passe", exibido no dia 12/11/2007. Confira a terceira parte do programa!

    Dec 3 3:09 PM ET