Leopoldo: I'm still alive


Reports of former mixed martial arts fighter Kim "Kimo" Leopoldo's death were news to him, since he's still alive.

A number of MMA Web sites incorrectly reported Tuesday that Leopoldo, 41, had died of complications from a heart attack on Monday. Other media outlets, including some newspapers, followed suit.

"According to the media, you're dead," his manager, Ron Kort, recalled telling Leopoldo, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The very much alive Leopoldo checked the Internet and learned of his reported demise.

"When I saw the sites, it scared me," Leopoldo said, according to the Times. "I wondered, are they predicting the future or am I cursed?"

Leopoldo did have something significant happen Monday, but it wasn't a heart attack. According to the report, he was sentenced to 10 days of community service and referred to a drug diversion program in connection with a February arrest, in which he was found in possession of marijuana and wearing a Long Beach police officer jumpsuit.

The Orange County Sheriff's coroner's office received more than 200 phone calls about Leopoldo on Tuesday, spokesman Jim Amormino said, according to the times. Amormino took the calls until Leopoldo held a news conference outside the sheriff's office in Santa Ana on Tuesday afternoon.