TMR: Surprising trades to make

Updated: May 25, 2007, 10:20 AM ET
By Matthew Berry |

This article appears in the June 4th edition of ESPN the Magazine.

Lots of times you'll hear us fantasy analysts say, "Buy low on this hitter." Or, "Sell this pitcher now." Or, "Where's my makeup?" (That last one might be just me. Gotta love TV.) Well, I'm here to cut to the chase on the whole trade-theory business. Here are eight straight-up, one-for-one deals I'd do right now, no hesitation.

Joe Mauer FOR Russell Martin: Mauer's advantage in batting average -- slighter than you think -- doesn't make up for Martin's steals advantage. Plus, Martin has two things Mauer doesn't: 20-home run potential and healthy legs.

Jim Thome FOR Adrian Gonzalez: A lot of people think Gonzalez is an emerging first baseman who will eventually surpass Thome. Wrong: He's already surpassed him. Postbreak last year, Gonzalez hit .336 with 11 home runs and 45 RBIs. Thome hit .274 with 12 home runs and 32 RBIs.

Dan Uggla, Brian Roberts OR Orlando Hudson FOR Jeff Kent: Not counting last year, when he was hurt, Kent has hit at least 22 home runs in nine straight seasons. Guess what? He's healthy again -- and playing for an extension.

Miguel Tejada FOR Hanley Ramirez: Tejada's got the name. Hanley's got everything else.

Manny Ramirez FOR Barry Bonds: Yeah, I said it. Since 2000, Manny has hit more than 40 home runs three times. Barry has done it five times, and that includes two injury-plagued seasons. In 2007, Bonds is healthy, motivated and outpacing Manny in every major category.

Andruw Jones FOR Juan Pierre: We all know Jones' power will be there by the end, but it's a lot easier to find home runs with a so-so average than Pierre's package of steals with a high average.

ANY CLOSER FOR ANYTHING ELSE: Brett Myers. Jeremy Accardo. Joakim Soria. Al Reyes. Rafael Soriano. Saves always come into the league.

Ben Sheets FOR Ian Snell: Even if Sheets stays healthy, what's that worth to you? He was healthy after last year's All-Star break, when he had 88 K's in 85 IPs -- the exact same numbers as Snell, who is three years younger and only getting better.

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