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Updated: February 8, 2008, 5:35 PM ET

Tristan Cockcroft has been heading up our coverage of offseason signings and moves for their fantasy baseball implications.


[+] EnlargeErik Bedard
G Fiume/Getty ImagesErik Bedard becomes even more valuable at Safeco.

2/8 Report: Erik Bedard traded to Seattle
2/4 Report: Wilkerson to Seattle, Gonzo to Florida
1/31 Report: Feliz and Estrada sign
1/30 Report: Johan Santana traded to the Mets
1/23 Report: Dotel and Tomko sign
1/16 Report: Jennings to Texas
1/14 Report: Brewers sign Mike Cameron
1/3 Report: Nick Swisher traded to the White Sox
12/28 Report: Prior to San Diego, Erstad and Olivo
12/24 Report: Hamilton-Volquez trade, Taguchi
12/21 Report: Silva to Seattle, Jenkins to Philly
12/18 Report: Edmonds to San Diego, Kuroda and Floyd
12/14 Report: Haren to D-backs, Valverde to Astros, Eckstein to Jays
12/13 Report: Aaron Rowand signs with San Fran
12/12 Report: Fukudome signs with Chicago, Tejada to Houston
12/11 Report: Lo Duca to Washington, Gagne to Milwaukee
12/6 Report: Andruw Jones to the Dodgers, Guillen to Royals
12/3 Report: Carlos Quentin trade, Matsui and Pettitte signings
11/30 Report: Lastings Milledge-Ryan Church trade, Kenny Rogers and Troy Percival signings
11/29 Report: Delmon Young-Matt Garza trade
11/27 Report: Francisco Cordero signs with Cincinnati
11/23 Report: Torii Hunter to Angels, Estrada to Mets, Kendall to Brewers
11/21 Report: Rivera re-signs with Yankees, Lowell with Sox and Castillo with Mets
11/19 Report: Fantasy spin on Jon Garland-Orlando Cabrera trade, Glavine to Atlanta
11/14 Report: Posada re-signs, Jacque and Todd Jones to Tigers, Monroe to Twins
11/8 Report: Brad Lidge traded to Philadelphia
11/1 Report: Edgar Renteria to Detroit, Mike Cameron's suspension

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