TRUM: On photos, movies and Kenny Rogers

Updated: March 29, 2007, 6:08 PM ET
By Matthew Berry |

I need some help with my picture.

Understanding that there is only so much you can do with what I've been given, of course, I still don't think I take a good picture. I also think the current one on the ESPN site has a cheesy smile. Others tell me I am being too self-critical, which I am working on. I get angry at myself for being too self-critical.

Anyways, everyone else says they think the photo is fine, that I don't need to retake it, that my smile looks "inviting." I think it looks inviting like "Hi, want to have dinner with a creepy guy?" Your thoughts?

Blades of Glory looks hilarious. I haven't been to a movie in a long time, what with the move and everything, but I'm probably going to make myself go see this one.

Kelly Holcomb just became a sleeper backup QB with the trade to Philly. If something happened to McNabb, just like it has, oh, most years, Holcomb would put up very solid numbers in Andy Reid's offense. And don't underestimate Takeo Spikes' defensive worth to that team. The Eagles just got a lot harder to run against.

Kenny Rogers has been put on the DL because he has a tired arm. Must... Resist... Jokes... Popping... In... Mind!

But, just so you know, this is another reason to avoid Kenny Rogers this year, assuming the 4.68 post-All-Star-break ERA the last three years or the fact that he averages only about 100 strikeouts per season over that same period or that he's just a jerk weren't enough for you. Sorry. I really don't like Kenny Rogers.

So, my friend is in a head-to-head league and it's deep. Like 20 teams deep, okay? Crazy deep. They are doing category scoring, which means they compete in the standard 5x5 categories and whoever scores more in the most categories per week, wins. In other words, you need to win six categories a week. As in, not all 10.

I suggested to my friend, and so far he is sticking to it, that you blow off pitching in this system. Go straight offense the entire way in the draft and then, once you are done filling out your offense, you go with high-end middle guys, like Broxton, Zumaya and Shields.

You probably win offense every week and you'll also win ERA and WHIP most of the time. You're blowing off saves, wins and strikeouts, but that's okay. You only need to win six categories and ideally, this option gets you seven.

I'm looking forward to seeing how it plays out. Haven't actually done a head-to-head league this year yet and would like to. Remind me to get one going.

A lot of people are excited about Alejandro De Aza, the new center fielder in Florida. I think he's got Joey Gathright, circa 2006, written all over him. He stole 27 bases in 69 Double-A games last year, but only hit .278. A 48/21 K/BB in all the minors last year as well is not a great number. Deep NL-only, feel free to bid a buck or two. Otherwise, avoid unless you are desperate for speed. Seriously, Gathright's numbers from last year --20+ steals, a batting average under .220-- is probably the right call here.

Very glad Billy Gillespie is back at Texas A&M. Through 2012. Two million a year. Worth every penny.

I'm not a wrestling fan but even I am intrigued by Trump versus McMahon. It's just nutty enough to be brilliant. You know Vince wasn't the first option, though. How much did they offer to Rosie to fight Donald? Because that would have set all sorts of Pay-Per-View records.

We're still working out the schedule so apologies for the lateness of this. It'll start getting up sooner as I get better at, um, everything.

A reminder that ESPN Fantasy Baseball is free. And it rocks. Free live scoring, fully customizable. Just saying.

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