Daily Notes: Lincecum makes his debut

Fantasy Game Notes for Sunday: American League

Yankee Stadium (outdoor) 1:05 p.m. ET (sunny, high of 56 degrees)
Jarrod Washburn, LHP (2-2) versus Darrell Rasner, RHP (0-1)

Notable Injuries: Jason Giambi, 1B (leg, day-to-day); Johnny Damon, OF (calf, day-to-day)

Game Story: Washburn has been lucky enough to have four of his starts in the comfort of Safeco Field, where he has a 3.91 ERA and 1.14 WHIP this season. His lone start outside of Safeco was a shutout of the A's, who were -- and are -- one of the worst-hitting teams in baseball. Now he has to face the Yankees on the road; despite what his season stats may indicate, you will want to bench him to save your stats. Rasner won't fair much better, as he has struggled to even reach five innings per start. Start as many Yankees and Mariners as you can muster.

Camden Yards (outdoor) 1:35 p.m. ET (partly cloudy, with winds up to 20 mph; high of 62 degrees)
C.C. Sabathia, LHP (4-0) versus Brian Burres, LHP (0-0)

Notable Injuries: Adam Loewen, SP (elbow, DL)

Game Story: On paper, it seems like quite the mismatch. Baltimore's lineup is lefty-heavy, while Sabathia destroys left-handers and is on a roll right now. Burres is a rotational stop-gap thrust into the lineup because Loewen is out for four months. The Indians are average against left-handers. Ryan Garko is really the only secondary hitter who can be counted on versus lefties.

Tropicana Field (indoor) 1:40 p.m. ET
Joe Blanton, RHP (2-1) versus Edwin Jackson, RHP (0-4)

Notable Injuries: none

Game Story: Blanton has quietly been consistent, averaging 6 2/3 innings a start and not allowing more than four runs in any one of them. The Devil Rays, predominantly a right-handed lineup, are mediocre against righties, so Blanton should continue to do well. On the other side of the mound, Jackson has been consistently mediocre, always on the edge of getting bombed. Even a poor-hitting team can do well against a poor pitcher, so a couple of bats on the A's, like Dan Johnson and Travis Buck, aren't bad options.

Metrodome (indoor) 2:10 p.m. ET
Curt Schilling, RHP (3-1) versus Sidney Ponson, RHP (2-3)

Notable Injuries: Michael Cuddyer, OF (back, day-to-day)

Game Story: You wouldn't bench Joe Mauer or Justin Morneau, whether I told you or not, but those are the only two bats from the Twins you can play against Schilling. Cuddyer hasn't played since May 1st, so I wouldn't expect him to see him before next week. Sidney Ponson is still Sidney Ponson, so bench a Red Sox at your own risk.

Kauffman Stadium (outdoor) 2:10 p.m. ET (60 percent chance of rain; high of 76 degrees)
Chad Durbin, RHP (1-1) versus Zack Greinke, RHP (1-3)

Notable Injuries: Placido Polanco, 2B (scheduled day off)

Game Story: Durbin's eight-inning, nine-strikeout, zero earned runs outing against the White Sox definitely looks like an anomaly compared to all of his other performances. Expect even the Royals to hit Durbin around. Most of the lineup makes solid starts, like John Buck, Billy Butler, Mark Grudzielanek and Mike Sweeney. Greinke's hot start has since disintegrated, but he has been unlucky; his home run and walk rate are quite good. Greinke isn't a bad bet for a quality start.

Rangers Ballpark (outdoor) 8:05 p.m. ET (40 percent chance of rain; high of 83 degrees)
A.J. Burnett, RHP (2-2) versus Kameron Loe, RHP (1-2)

Notable Injuries: none

Game Story: Burnett's season stats are poor (5.45 ERA, 1.55 WHIP), but his bad performance has been concentrated into just a couple of starts. That is more valuable than consistently poor performance, provided you can pick out the starts where he implodes. This is a long-winded way of saying that I like Burnett for Sunday's game. Loe has been hit hard his last two starts, albeit against very good offenses. The Blue Jays, with Troy Glaus back in the lineup, are a very good offense, so play some of the under-the-radar Jays bats (Adam Lind, Lyle Overbay) and profit.

Angel Stadium (outdoor) 3:35 p.m. ET (sunny, high of 81 degrees)
Mark Buehrle, LHP (2-1) versus Bartolo Colon, RHP (3-0)

Notable Injuries: Garret Anderson, OF (hip, DL)

Game Story: Two below-average offenses against two above-average pitchers sounds like the formula for a pitching duel. Colon should have his way with the White Sox, who have no lefty power without Jim Thome. The Angels, on the other hand, have no power, period. They have hit just 19 home runs all season. Just view it as a day to rest your White Sox and Angels.

Fantasy Game Notes for Sunday: National League

Turner Field (outdoor) 1:05 p.m. ET (partly cloudy, high of 80 degrees)
Randy Wolf, LHP (3-3) versus Kyle Davies, RHP (0-1)

Notable Injuries: none

Game Story: Both starters are having problems with the long ball. The Braves, unfortunately for Wolf, have hit the most home runs off left-handers in baseball. The Dodgers have hit the least home runs off right-handers, and their offense, as a whole, does not compare to the Braves'. Wolf is the better starter but faces the tougher competition. Davies has been atrocious, though, poor enough to warrant use of some Dodger bats, like Luis Gonzalez or Andre Ethier.

Dolphin Stadium (outdoor) 1:05 p.m. ET (sunny, high of 88 degrees)
Jake Peavy, RHP (3-1) versus Scott Olsen, LHP (3-1)

Notable Injuries: none

Game Story: The Padres' offense is usually poor, but they hit left-handers well (.816 OPS against, ninth in the majors). They're also much better on the road (.746 OPS, 12th) than at home (.667, 26th), so even though Scott Olsen has been much better in his last two starts (3.21 ERA), do not use this game as an opportunity to put him back in your lineup.

Miller Park (indoor/retractable roof) 2:05 p.m. ET
Tony Armas Jr., RHP (0-2) versus Ben Sheets, RHP (2-2)

Notable Injuries: none

Game Story: The Brewers have the same OPS against right-handers (.777) as the Cubs do, and Armas shut down the Cubs in his last start. Still, I cannot expect a repeat performance, as Armas still has 12 walks to 10 strikeouts on the year and he did allow two homers to the Cubs. As always is the case against right-handers, the Brewers' Geoff Jenkins is a must start. It should go without saying to bench most of your Pirates with Sheets on the mound.

Busch Stadium (outdoor) 2:15 p.m. ET (partly cloudy, high of 79 degrees)
Chris Sampson RHP (3-1) versus Braden Looper, RHP (3-2)

Notable Injuries: none

Game Story: Sampson has actually pitched quite well in terms of strikeout, walk and home run rate, and the Cardinals have a .677 OPS against right-handed pitchers. The results haven't totally been there yet, but for this game, at least, they should be. The Astros aren't great against right-handers either and, though Looper is sometimes quite hittable, the fact that he has allowed just two home runs gives him margin for error.

Wrigley Field (outdoor) 2:20 p.m. ET (sunny, high of 68 degrees)
Shawn Hill, RHP (2-3) versus Angel Guzman, RHP (0-0)

Notable Injuries: none

Game Story: Hill has been consistent through most of his starts. He has gone less than six innings just once, and allowed more than two runs just once, too. The Cubs are a nice test, though; they are tied for fifth in OPS against right-handers. Guzman is a solid pitching prospect and there's not a much better matchup for a youngster than facing the Nationals. Ryan Church and Austin Kearns are the only Nats to worry about right now, so Guzman should be a solid bet for a quality start.

Great American Ball Park (outdoor) 3:15 p.m. ET (sunny, high of 71 degrees)
Josh Fogg, RHP (1-2) versus Bronson Arroyo, RHP (1-2)

Notable Injuries: none

Game Story: Fogg is a thoroughly mediocre pitcher who can only be counted on to excel with the most favorable of matchups. This game against the Reds is pretty non-descript as far as matchups go, so not much out of the ordinary should occur. Arroyo has allowed just one home run in 41 2/3 innings and the Rockies, as a whole, are poor outside of Coors, so don't expect much offense from Colorado.

Chase Field (indoor/retractable roof) 4:40 p.m. ET
Mike Pelfrey, RHP (0-3) versus Livan Hernandez, RHP (2-1)

Notable Injuries: Moises Alou, OF (knee, day-to-day); Chad Tracy, 3B (back, doubtful)

Game Story: The Diamondbacks have underperformed a fair bit on the offensive end, but Pelfrey is not the pitcher to take advantage of that. Pelfrey will eventually be a good starter, but right now he is not. Even though players like Conor Jackson, Chris B. Young and Carlos Quentin are underperforming, Sunday's game is a good opportunity to get something going. Hernandez hasn't been much better -- 25 walks to 18 strikeouts -- though the fact that he has allowed just one home run has hidden most of the damage. Against good offenses, which the Mets are, it catches up to you.

AT&T Park (outdoor) 8:05 p.m. ET (sunny, high of 76 degrees)
Cole Hamels, LHP (3-1) versus Tim Lincecum, RHP (0-0)

Notable Injuries: none

Game Story: The story of this game should be strikeouts. Hamels has 43 strikeouts in 40 2/3 innings, and Lincecum has put up some all-time high strikeout numbers in his brief professional career. This isn't the best matchup for Lincecum -- Philly is 4th in OPS against righties -- but he has a lot of potential nonetheless. Hamels should have his way with most of the Giants, although Rich Aurilia and Ray Durham are tough against lefties.

Waiver Wire Pick Ups

Ryan Garko, 1B, CLE @ Baltimore Orioles
Dan Johnson, 1B, OAK @ Tampa Bay Devil Rays
Zack Greinke, SP, KC versus Detroit Tigers
Adam Lind, OF, TOR @ Texas Rangers
Andre Ethier, OF, LAD @ Atlanta Braves
Geoff Jenkins, OF, MIL versus Pittsburgh Pirates
Chris Sampson, SP, HOU @ St. Louis Cardinals
Braden Looper, SP, STL versus Houston Astros
Ryan Church, OF, WAS @ Chicago Cubs
Rich Aurilia, 1B, SF versus Philadelphia Phillies

Please Note that the notable injuries are not meant to be a comprehensive report of each team's disabled list. For brevity, we include only day-to-day injuries or new DL additions for players you might otherwise consider using in these games. Long-term DL or day-to-day injuries to starting pitchers who were not scheduled to appear are omitted.

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