Fantasy Forecaster: The ace parade


On tap: Interleague play concludes with a weekend full of regional rivalries, like Cubs-White Sox, Giants-Athletics, Orioles-Nationals and Yankees-Mets. In New York, we'll see another cross-town, day-night doubleheader, as the Yankees and Mets make up a game at Yankee Stadium Friday afternoon, then play their regularly scheduled game at Shea Stadium in the evening. … It's also a week chock-full of aces pitching twice, with the list including such stalwarts as Josh Beckett, Felix Hernandez, John Lackey, Jake Peavy, Johan Santana and Ben Sheets.

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Interleague primer: Impact of DH loss/addition

They got chili dogs over there? Game breakdowns

Note: Weather reports are based on upcoming weather forecasts (through Friday), as well as historical trends in those cities. "Poor weather" doesn't guarantee rainouts; those are merely the teams with the highest probability of one or more.

Hit like Mays: Hitters' matchups

Note: Hitter-friendly ballparks are based primarily on recent statistical data (2005-2008) comparing home/road performance -- much the same method as in our Park Factor page. Some personal opinion does go into making ballpark selections.

Run like Hayes: Base stealers' matchups

Note: Matchups are determined by examining both an opponent's catcher and pitching staff. Obviously, teams like the Mets (catcher: Brian Schneider) and Tigers (Ivan Rodriguez) rate as tough teams to run on, while teams like the Padres (Michael Barrett) and Orioles (Ramon Hernandez) rate as easy teams to run on.

Give 'em the heater: Pitchers' matchups

Note: As with the hitter-friendly ballparks, pitcher-friendly ballparks are based mostly on 2005-2008 data, with some personal opinion involved.

Two-start notes: Jamie Moyer, No. 17, is the perfect example of a mixed-league cut-off point. He's a talented pitcher with a strong road record, but one of the games comes at Texas' Rangers Ballpark. With one great matchup and one poor, start getting hesitant around there. … The Mets can squeeze five starters into their seven-game, six-day week thanks to Thursday's off day, and I'm banking on them doing so. That gives Oliver Perez a second start, not that he's a prime choice. … I'm operating under the assumption the Nationals will skip the fifth starter's spot thanks to Thursday's off day, in which case Shawn Hill will join Jason Bergmann as two-start pitchers. Neither is an especially attractive choice. … The Yankees could pitch Darrell Rasner and Joba Chamberlain on three days' rest and avoid the need for a sixth starter, but considering they've only now gotten Chamberlain up to a full starter's workload, there's little chance they'll do so. Rasner should be the team's lone two-start pitcher.

Jason Bergmann (WAS), June 23, LAA (Lackey), June 28, BAL (Olson); Tom Gorzelanny (PIT), June 24, NYY (Rasner), June 29, TB (Sonnanstine); Shawn Hill (WAS), June 24, LAA (Garland), June 29, BAL (Guthrie); Eric Hurley (TEX), June 24, @HOU (Moehler), June 29, PHI (Moyer); Brian Moehler (HOU), June 24, TEX (Hurley), June 29, BOS (Beckett).

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