Jackson's Five... to go get

Updated: October 11, 2007, 6:16 PM ET
By Steven Jackson

I know I'm beginning to sound a little like a broken record by telling you I will be back, so I will just be really brief this week, and let all my owners out there know that the injury is feeling better -- a lot better -- but I'm just trying to get to the point where I won't risk injuring it again when I get back. I'm not quite there yet, but I'm getting closer every day. Lots of hard work. Lots of sweat. A whole lot of anxiety wanting to get back. And I'm still skipping lunch to do rehab.

But I figured since I gave you all such good fantasy tips last week (Gus Frerotte and his 291 yards and 3 touchdowns, Brian Leonard and his 102 rushing yards, Torry Holt, Drew Bennett and Randy McMichael getting a touchdown each and combining for 166 yards receiving), I figured I'd offer a little more insight into some guys I really, really like across the league. I'm assuming that all of you in fantasy leagues have obviously heard of these guys, but I figured I'd let you in on how I -- as a running back -- consider some of my opponents.

For wide receiver, I really like Andre Johnson on the Texans. Andre is a big sleeper. I mean, I know he puts up big numbers, but he never gets that same recognition as some of the other guys out there. In fact, I think Andre is the most important wide receiver to his team in the league; he just doesn't get noticed because the Texans haven't played well in the past. He's going to come back strong from his injuries and prove that he is one of the premier players in the league. So if you can scoop him up in a trade while some other guy in your league is down on him, I say you do it. He's good, folks, trust me.

At quarterback, I mean, how can you not like Brett Favre? Brett is ageless, and I think we should all feel fortunate to have the chance to watch what he's doing. We are literally watching history. It's so hard to play this game and not get injured -- almost impossible -- and I don't think we will ever see a consecutive games streak that even comes close to what Brett is doing. It's just a ridiculously amazing accomplishment.

For running back, I like Marion Barber. To me, he is the emotional leader of that offense; it's a different team when he's in the game. He isn't huge, but he runs big. He is a downhill, aggressive runner who plays with passion. With running backs overall, I feel like you have to be an aggressive runner to be successful in this league, which is why I also like Marshawn Lynch, out of Buffalo. I think Marshawn has a chance to be a Pro Bowl player in this league down the road. He is just exciting, fun to watch, and has a massive amount of talent. These two guys -- if you can get them for your teams -- get the Steven Jackson RB Stamp of Approval. Just make sure you have Brian and I on your team first.

I also know a lot of you play in leagues where you get points for an individual defensive player on your roster. Nick Barnett, a linebacker on the Packers, is just a great tackler. He is consistent, and he has a great motor. He is a lot of fun to play against.

So there are some of my favorites. I'm not sure you can just run out and grab all of these guys, but I definitely think they can help your teams.

I will try my best to get back next week and get the Rams and your fantasy teams back on track. Until then, best of luck in beating up on your opponents.

Rams running back Steven Jackson is a weekly contributor to Fantasy.