Midseason Redraft: Edwards on the rise


Every fantasy season produces major surprises, but perhaps none more than this year, especially since most of the
surprises haven't involved major injuries. Consider that Frank Gore, Shaun Alexander and Larry Johnson were consensus,
no-brainer top-10 picks coming into the season, and none of the three is currently in the top 50 for fantasy points scored
this season. Making sense of all of this requires an open mind and a strong will.

Matthew Berry and Nate Ravitz are never shy about expressing strong opinions. So with the first eight weeks of the
season in the rearview mirror, we asked them to redraft the first three rounds of a 10-team league, from the simple perspective of
who will be most valuable in the second half of the season. In other words, they're not drafting teams, per se, rather ranking
players in a draft format.

As you might expect, they disagreed on quite a few picks, so we captured their reactions. Matthew won the coin toss and picked first, and they simply alternated picks from that point on. Here are the results, with their thoughts on the players, the draft and each other.

Matthew Berry, the Talented Mr. Roto, is the senior director for ESPN Fantasy, in charge of content. Nate Ravitz is not a senior director but does host Matthew on the Fantasy Focus podcast Monday through Friday, available on iTunes or on the Podcenter page of ESPN.com.