Finally A Win


Pretty awesome, right? I told everyone to start me and be ready for some touchdown scoring, but I wanted to surprise you all with the passing TD. I figured it'd be a nice little novelty reward for everyone who stuck with me on their teams. Plus, I know Randy McMichael owners wanted to see him get a few TDs in there, so I figured I'd help you all out with that, too.

So how did it unfold? The play was actually designed as a run/pass option, and, to be honest, I was looking to run before I had to pass. You stick with what you know, right? But I saw Randy there in the end zone, and I figured he was a big enough target (and has some great hands), so I just fired it in to him, and there we had it. Six points for the Rams, four points for fantasy players, and we're on the road to victory.

And I have to tell you, it feels so good to get that first win out of the way. So good. And you know what? If I was writing this column Saturday night, I could have told you we were going to win. Jim Haslett, our defensive coordinator, and Corey Chavous (our free safety) addressed the whole team, and really fired us up and had us leaving the room feeling like we were 8-0. Morale was through the roof -- you could just feel something different in the air -- and I'm getting the feeling you're going to see a very strong finish from the 2008 St. Louis Rams. We did it in 2007, we've made it through some pretty bad injuries so far this year, and we're feeling good. I can tell you all that the locker room right now is just in high spirits and ready for this Sunday's game against the 49ers.

So now we're back to practice, and the groin is feeling great, the back is feeling great, and pretty much everything else feels great, too. No more of these "I'm rehabbing and I'll be back soon," columns. I'm running, cutting & I am back to the old Action Jackson! I feel better than ever, and I hope you've all held on to me and are starting me without reservation now.

And by the way, Pro Bowl voting is now open. I don't think I have to tell you all that a second consecutive trip to Hawaii would be welcomed with open arms. How about we make a little trade here? Get me to Hawaii for the NFC, and I will keep scoring TDs for you throughout your fantasy playoffs. Fair enough?

So best of luck this week to all of you, and keep pulling for a Rams win in Week 11. Thanks again to everyone who held on to me and my teammates on your fantasy squads. Expect the payoffs to keep on coming.

Rams running back Steven Jackson is a weekly contributor to ESPN.com Fantasy.