Thanksgiving thoughts


Two games in a row! I cannot tell you how good this feels. We're hitting on all cylinders now, ESPNers. I'm feeling great, Marc (Bulger) is healthy, and -- I don't know if anyone else has noticed this -- but we've gone two games without turning the ball over. That's huge in the NFL. If we hold onto the ball, we're in every game we play. 2-8 is still a long hill to climb, but if we keep playing the way we played these past two games, you can't help but think there are good things ahead. Need I remind you that the Giants made the playoffs at 8-8 last year, and we actually did it a couple years ago? This is not out of the realm of possibility, and we're all pretty cognizant of this fact. We all play this game in hopes of making the playoffs, and getting to play more than just 16 games in a season. I really believe we have a team that can do some damage here, and I hope this winning streak of ours will give us the momentum to keep it going.

And how about my man Oshiomogho (Atogwe) with the game-saving interception at the end of the game last week? You know why that was even bigger than just our second win of the season? Because it was the 500th victory for the Rams' franchise. It's a big honor for me to have been a part of that game. The Rams were the team that drafted me, that believed in me, and that sent me to the Pro Bowl (voting is still open, by the way…). For me to be on the field for such an historic event was truly an awesome experience, and something I'll never forget, and I'm thankful for that opportunity.

And speaking of "Thankful," I want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving from me and the entire locker room here. What am I thankful for this year? Here's a little list:

1. My family and friends
2. My health (finally!)
3. The opportunity to write this column for ESPN
4. The fact that passing TDs for a running back get you all some points

Obviously, there are much deeper things I'm thinking of, but I'm going to reserve those for the dinner table tomorrow night.

So we have the Seahawks this week, and all we're looking for is a win. If that means I have to return punts (although Dante' Hall is pretty good in that department!) or throw a couple more TD passes to Randy McMichael (and I think Marc probably has that covered), then so be it. We keep winning, and I'll be happy.

Have a safe, happy, fun, entertaining, and enjoyable Thanksgiving, everyone! May your fantasy points and cranberry sauce be plentiful.

Rams running back Steven Jackson is a weekly contributor to ESPN.com Fantasy.