2007 Season wrapped


On Jan. 1, 1660, a British sailor named Samuel Pepys began recording a diary of his life on the high seas as a member of the English navy. For nine years, he wrote and editorialized on subjects ranging from drinking wine to the exploits of war. But one quote, from an entry on July 22, 1660 (and this is a coincidence given that July 22 is my birthday), I thought could be nicely applied to my 2007 season:

"So to bed."

Another year has come and gone. I missed some games thanks to my groin injury, and it's not really frustrating overall, but it annoyed me that I couldn't have been out there helping the team. We got hit hard by injuries this year and I've learned you can't let them frustrate you; you have to take care of yourself, rehab the right way and be ready to play when the time comes. Yes, I would have much rather been out there running and catching, but we have some great doctors and trainers in the organization and they got me back on the field (and on your active rosters) as quickly as humanly possible.

As far as high points of the season go, for me it had to have been the first carry back from injury. It was in the Cleveland game and it was pretty nondescript for the average fan: a nice, successful run for a first down. Nothing spectacular by any means, but I was able to run and I felt great after the run, so I knew I was back for good at that point.

I also really enjoyed learning the ins and outs of fantasy. I mean, I was familiar with it before this season, but the passion and dedication of the players was really surprising to me. Hearing from the fans and owners, both in the comment area here and during my radio show in St. Louis is always a thrill, too. And if I helped your team win or got you through a couple rounds of the playoffs, it was my pleasure. I can't think of anything better than doing well on the field, helping the Rams win and then hooking up someone in Syracuse or Corvallis with a fantasy victory on top of it. It's not the exact reason I play the game, but it's a really cool side perk. And if you happen to run into me on the streets of Vegas or St. Louis, there is no need to buy me a steak dinner or pass along an iPod as a way of saying "thanks." Just a handshake and a promise to name your first-born "Thirty-Nine" in my honor will do. Plus, it really is fun just to be able to get you guys a win.

As for the offseason, I'm going to spend some time with the family, check out some boxing matches and take care of my body. I need to give my body some time to recover so the Rams can come back strong in 2008.

Basically, a year like 2007 is only going to serve to make me train and focus harder, and I can guarantee you this goes for the entire team, too. We need to be at a different level in 2008 and I believe we're going to get there by the time we open camp in the summer. Everyone has setbacks and we just caught some tough breaks this year. We learn and move on.

I'm also planning a vacation. I've been putting my body through the wringer at full speed since August, so somewhere nice and warm with some waves might just do the trick.

So to bed with the 2007 season. It's been a ton of fun writing for all of you out there. And I hope I helped out at least a few of you with some fantasy success. For those of you in keeper leagues … well, you know the drill. Hold on tight! We're talking kung fu grip. Because -- and you can save this page and ask me about it again next season -- I'm keeping that 2,500-yard goal in the front of my mind for next year. Without question.

I hope you all enjoy your offseasons. I will see you again in 2008!

Rams running back Steven Jackson is a weekly contributor to ESPN.com Fantasy.