Fantasy Predictions 2009: Waiting for Wieters


What does 2009 hold in store for the world of fantasy sports? We surveyed our team of fantasy analysts and editors for the answers. Check out all twelve completed surveys by using the drop-down menu. (Some surveys were abridged to protect the innocent.)

Your name:
Jason Grey

But you wish to be referred to as:
"Cool Papa" Grey. We need to bring some of the old baseball nicknames back. Anyone for "Old Hoss?"

You're a shameless, unabashed fan of:
Howie Kendrick

But we shouldn't hold it against you because:
This is going to be his breakout year.

Your fondest sports wish for 2009 is:
To read no more stories about why MLB needs a salary cap, because it doesn't.

Why will this happen/not happen?
Won't happen, because of the timing, and because it's not a solution anyway.

Any sport, what is your biggest sleeper pick for 2009?
Braves starting pitching prospect Tommy Hanson.

How high would you reach for that sleeper in a standard ESPN draft?
Next-to-last round.

Which player are you buying into but will most likely disappoint you?
Ricky Nolasco. Performance and stuff are legit, but will workload/past injury issues be a factor this year?

Which player are you not buying but will likely disappoint everyone else?
Dan Uggla

Any sport, who will be the best rookie to emerge in 2009?
In baseball, Matt Wieters, but if Wieters starts in the minors, it could be Travis Snider.

... but everyone is going to think it's going to be?
Matt Wieters

Who will be …

… the first player drafted in fantasy baseball leagues? Hanley Ramirez

… the first pitcher? Johan Santana

… the first rookie? Matt Wieters

… the player who'll start the season in Triple-A to everyone's frustration? Wieters

Mad Gabs

Fill in the blanks any which way you want to create 10 more predictions for 2009.

  1. In 2009, David Price will post a 3.70 ERA for the Rays.

  2. There is no way that Carlos Quentin will top 30 homers again (25 seems about right).

  3. The Texas Rangers will be this year's Tampa Bay Rays.

  4. Brett Favre will continue to throw interceptions.

  5. If Colby Rasmus has a starting job on Opening Day then he will be NL Rookie of the Year.

  6. There will be 10 players that open the year in the Red Sox and Yankees rotations respectively ...

  7. ... but only six of those players that finish in it for both teams.

  8. Matthew Berry will be the subject of multiple "Deadspin" posts.

  9. This is the year that Rickie Weeks finally doesn't disappoint his fantasy owners.

  10. 2009 will forever be remembered as the year I didn't actually own Orlando Cabrera in any leagues.

The Name Game

A-Rod or Hanley Ramirez? Hanley, barely.

Tim Lincecum or Johan Santana? Lincecum

Evan Longoria or Garrett Atkins Longoria

Chase Utley or Dustin Pedroia? Pedroia because of Utley's hip.

Manny Ramirez or Mark Teixeira? Teixeira

Playing with Numbers


Francisco Rodriguez saves: 41

A.J. Burnett wins: 15

CC Sabathia's ERA: 3.40

Yovani Gallardo wins and strikeouts: 12, 170

Manny Ramirez home runs and RBIs: 30, 99

Matt Holliday home runs and RBIs: 25, 95

Mark Teixeira home runs and RBIs: 35, 115

Jay Bruce batting average and home runs: .280, 28

Rafael Furcal average and steals: .290, 25

Rafael Furcal average and steals against the Braves: .250, 2

Speak now or forever hold your peace

What question do you wish you had been asked on this survey?

Jason, in your first paragraph of your very first report from Spring Training on March 4 of last season, were you the first on the Alexei Ramirez bandwagon?

And the answer is?

I can't lie. It's right there in the archives.

What question are you glad you weren't asked?

Why do you have such a bad picture for your headshot?

Sucker! Now you have to answer.

It was all I had laying around when I needed to send one in. Time to change it.